Dynatrace for enterprise cloud providers: Help your customers succeed in the cloud

Looking for new revenue streams? What about high-value offerings that differentiate your cloud platform from competitors?

Are slow cloud migration projects impacting your revenue? Do your customers need proof that their applications will perform well in the cloud following migration?

Dynatrace, the leader in Digital Performance Management, presents Dynatrace for cloud service providers, a multi-tenant, cloud based monitoring solution that meets the performance challenges of the cloud and leverages the best practices of traditional APM.

Provide additional value to your customers by adding Dynatrace all-in-one performance monitoring to your cloud service offering!

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Drive new revenue streams with differentiated offerings

Increase the overall volume of your business by adding full stack performance monitoring services, end user experience statistics, and performance analytics.

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Seamless integration, self-service automation, locally stored data

Dynatrace can be fully integrated into your existing service offerings—no additional billing and/or customer-facing interfaces are required.

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Shorten time to value by reducing migration time

Dynatrace identifies the environmental dependencies that you must account for during migration. It even identifies performance problems during migration and provides native monitoring for new cloud environments following migration.

Be more than a hosting provider!

Full stack monitoring

Dynatrace provides your customers with complete analysis of their application stack, starting with infrastructure and extending through to application components and end-user experience. This empowers customers to gain insights into their environments and benefit from faster problem resolution through AI-driven problem detection and root-cause analysis. Dynatrace pinpoints the causes of availability and performance issues and prevents finger-pointing between customers and service providers when problems arise.

Dashboard views show web application performance metrics in customizable tiles.

End user experience statistics

What matters to your customers is the experience of their paying clients and end users. Dynatrace provides detailed information about each and every transaction, so your customers can analyze end-user behavior in the context of application performance. os/web/understand-user-behavior/” %}

Entry pages, action durations and bounce rate.

Performance and capacity analytics

As a service provider you’ll benefit from long-term performance and capacity analytics that give you insight into the quality of service you provide and areas where your offerings can be improved.

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Full integration into your service offerings puts you in control

Multi-tenant support

Dynatrace is designed for the largest cloud service providers—those who support multiple world-class organizations and numerous tenants. Dynatrace all-in-one performance monitoring was built from the ground up to scale easily, reliably, and efficiently.

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Integrated billing and automated provisioning

Dynatrace automates purchasing, provisioning, and billing from within your existing services interface or marketplace. No new customer-facing interfaces required.

Low TCO, SaaS convenience, and optional on-premise data storage

Dynatrace is a SaaS platform that can be hosted and provisioned completely from within your environment.

Storing your customers’ performance data within your cloud datacenter alongside your customers’ applications provides you with a differentiated service offering from your competitors. Compared to pure Internet-hosted SaaS platforms, this approach also reduces overall data traffic.

You and your customers will benefit from low cost of ownership as operations and updates are managed automatically by Dynatrace Mission Control.

Reduce time-to-value with easier, faster cloud migrations

Dynatrace supports you and your customers before, during, and following cloud migration.

Execute cloud migrations faster and with added confidence. Smartscape technology discovers and visualizes all application dependencies, which helps you plan each customer’s journey to the cloud.

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Intuitive infographics visualize all relevant customer-applicaton metrics related to sizing and capacity management. Your customers will be more confident in their cloud migrations when they can monitor every step in the process.

This new level of transparency will increase your customers’ overall level of trust in your services and generate new business opportunities.

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HCL Technologies

“Dynatrace is the industry leader in digital performance and the best technology to help our clients around the globe achieve these priorities more efficiently, through every application. Its unique breadth and depth made our decision to partner with Dynatrace an easy choice over competing solutions.”

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