Leverage WMI to enable full observability and monitor performance of Windows hosts and services

Tackle complex Dynatrace Managed environments with declarative host identifiers that ensure continuity in reporting and alerting

Simplify observability for all your custom metrics (Part 3: Scripting languages)

Simplify observability for all your custom metrics (Part 1: StatsD)

Achieve faster time to value by deploying thousands of OneAgents at once with Ansible (Preview)

Manage lifecycle of large scale multi-cloud deployments programmatically with centralized OneAgent API

Faster time to value with enhanced handling of OneAgent runtime data

Extend infrastructure observability with JMX Extensions and additional full-stack metrics

Extend the AI and automation core of Dynatrace with host extensions to resolve infrastructure problems

Automate extensions management with the Extensions API (Early Adopter)

New filtering capabilities for large service lists in your monitoring environment

Improved custom host naming for large dynamic environments