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What do 170 Gallons of Beer and a Microservices architecture have in common?

Quite a lot as it turns out.

Serving 170.5 Gallons of beer and 24 bottles of wine, in just six hours, at our AWS re:Invent 2018 booth proved to be somewhat of a fun challenge. It was also analogous to the challenges most App Dev, Operations, and Business teams face – how to build and run services that can scale to meet user expectations and business.

To maximize our investment, we adopted an Agile journey and a culture of experimentation to break down monoliths into microservices that performed very specific functions and could scale on demand at a moment’s notice.

We’ll let the infographic below explain the fun we had, and the substantial performance improvements we were able to make each day – all to quench your thirst faster.

Click here to download the PDF version.

It’s not just marketing that has fun at Dynatrace; our engineering team has been busy transforming Dynatrace.

If you’re curious as to how we moved from Waterfall to DevOps to NoOps, how we accomplish 26 major releases per year, how we reduced bugs found in production by 93%, and lots of other amazing stats around agility, speed, quality, and availability checkout the Forrester Case Study: How to Implement DevOps Automation and Achieve True Cloud Agility

Cheers, to the 1,200+ attendees that contributed their thirst to make sure we had a large enough dataset to have fun with the analysis. We hope to see you all at again at AWS events throughout the year!