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Uplevel your gamechanging skills at Perform 2022

Despite having to reboot Perform 2022 from onsite in Vegas to virtual, due to changing circumstances, we’re still set to offer just the same high-quality training. And, what’s more – Dynatrace offers virtual training year-round in Dynatrace University, our product education platform.

This means that despite not being in Vegas, our hands-on training (HOT) session attendees will see very minimal changes as we migrate to a virtual Perform 2022.  Attendees will have the same great Dynatrace experts teaching the sessions live via webcam (and we’d highly encourage you to turn on your webcam as well), the same virtual classroom to join and complete the hands-on exercises, and the same great content. The differences are no flying, no jet lag, and saving money on travel costs (which some might actually see as an added benefit!).

At Perform 2022, we’re offering 23 unique sessions with a session for everyone covering all different areas of technology related to Dynatrace, for all experience levels.

For those who are new to Dynatrace, or checking out Dynatrace for the first time, we recommend the following HOT sessions:

  1. Getting started with Dynatrace – See how to get started with Dynatrace, including a hands-on look at how to install the OneAgent, understand the full-stack metrics captured, and review key use cases covered by the platform.
  2. Getting started with Digital Experience Management (DEM) analytics – Start building your observability expertise with Log Monitoring in the Dynatrace platform.

If you’re new to the Dynatrace Application Security module specifically, we also recommend registering for our Intelligent vulnerability detection and remediation session with Aleksey Sirenko, Robin Wyss, and Stuart Butcher.

Register now*

If you are paying for your Perform HOT sessions via Flexpoints, you MUST contact your Services Representative BEFORE you register.

In light of the change in location, we’ve also rebooted our Perform 2022 certification promotion; after attending our Perform 2022 event (Feb 7 – 11), make sure you send an email to performcertification@dynatrace.com to request your free Dynatrace Associate attempt. You should receive a response to your email with your special promotion code by February 18, 2022.

Already Dynatrace Associate Certified?

If you’ve already got your Associate Certification, and attended at least one HOT session at Perform 2022, you qualify for one free Professional Certification attempt.

After attending Perform 2022, send an email to performcertification@dynatrace.com communicating that you qualified for the Professional Certification attempt as a Perform 2022 HOT session attendee. You should receive a response to your email with your special promotion code by February 18, 2022.

Please note this is a limited-time promotion associated with our Perform 2022 event. Any free Certification attempts must be redeemed by March 31, 2022, 5:00 PM EST. There will be no exceptions, reissuing of codes, or extensions for any reason for this promotion.

We can’t wait to see you virtually during the week of Perform 2022!