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Transitioning from Visual Studio App Center: Key benefits of an observability platform for mobile monitoring

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected with the proliferation of IoT devices and a surge in applications, digital transactions, and data creation, mobile monitoring — monitoring mobile applications — grows ever more critical. To navigate this complex landscape, organizations require a comprehensive approach to observability that enables a holistic view of applications. Such a view is essential for ensuring a seamless user experience and enabling organizations to achieve their business objectives.

With the recent retirement announcement of Microsoft Visual Studio App Center, users seeking alternative options can turn to the Dynatrace unified observability and security platform. Dynatrace observability, security, and data analytics capabilities empower users to derive greater insights and benefits from their monitoring data, ensuring they stay ahead in their mobile monitoring environments while offering similar feature parity to Visual Studio App Center.

Benefits of an integrated observability platform for mobile monitoring

For Microsoft Visual Studio App Center users, migrating to Dynatrace for a mobile monitoring solution provides an all-in-one, integrated approach, delivering the context, visibility, and answers needed to solve complex problems across all the technologies involved in mobile app development while ensuring a seamless user experience. Mobile monitoring with the Dynatrace observability and security platform provides the following key benefits.

  • Enhances business insight and efficiency with real-time data
    Organizations can focus on what is important with deep insights on user sessions, top devices, OS versions, and behavioral analytics for iOS, Android, and hybrid apps. Dynatrace enhances operational efficiency and helps drive business results, ensuring the precise information mobile app developers need to deliver effective user experiences.
  • Reduces blind spots with complete visibility from front to back end
    With an observability platform, organizations are not limited to only the backend performance or the front-end user experience data because the entire picture is delivered in one place. With this holistic view, mobile developers can not only see what users are doing by looking at individual user actions, full user sessions, and errors, but also see how the experience flows to the back end through web requests, called services, and more. As a result, developers avoid the blind spots that may arise from disconnected data or tools, and most importantly can quickly learn why something happened.
  • Helps fix issues faster with answer-driven root cause analysis to release higher quality applications with confidence
    The end-to-end mobile app observability from Dynatrace automatically provides developers with the root cause of problems impacting their mobile users so they can quickly address them, rather than waste time diagnosing what needs to be done.
  • Prevents negative customer experiences with robust crash analytics
    Mobile app crashes are one of the biggest pain points for mobile users and developers, with crashes known to cause 71% of app uninstalls. Dynatrace mobile RUM provides advanced crash analytics that show how many real users are affected by a crash across dimensions such as app version, OS version, device, jail-broken status, and more. These analytics help mobile developers quickly diagnose and fix mobile app crashes. In addition, Session Replay enables developers to immediately reproduce crashes and view exactly what actions a user took.
  • Enables teams to collaborate effectively with a single source of truth
    When mobile monitoring is an integrated part of a larger unified observability and security platform strategy, it fosters more effective collaboration because everyone has access to the same data. With Dynatrace, mobile developers, mobile application owners, and mobile DevOps practitioners can work together better and more efficiently to deliver enhanced mobile app experiences.

End-to-end mobile observability with Dynatrace

Dynatrace Mobile RUM is built into the Dynatrace platform to provide complete mobile monitoring for mobile developers and app teams to optimize applications and improve customer engagement and retention. With industry-leading AI at the core of the platform to drive advanced crash analytics, continuous topology mapping, root cause analysis, and quantifiable business impact, Dynatrace simplifies mobile monitoring so mobile app teams can deliver the high-quality performance and user experiences mobile users expect today.

Check out the three-part mobile monitoring video series to learn more about Dynatrace mobile app monitoring.

For existing Microsoft Visual Studio App Center customers that need support migrating to the Dynatrace mobile monitoring solution, click here for more information.