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Tech Transforms podcast: Enabling secure cloud migration across the U.S. Coast Guard’s IT systems

An inside look at how the Coast Guard is enabling end users to deploy applications to support their missions.

What’s it like to design, build, deploy, and maintain the IT systems for an entire military branch? That’s the task that Commander Jonathan White, Cloud and Data Branch Chief at the U.S. Coast Guard, and the team at the Coast Guard’s Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and Intelligence (C5I) Service Center are undertaking. This group is focused on bridging the gap between technical IT solutions and end user requirements, and the entire experience in between. Accomplishing these goals through cloud migration is their current focus.

Ensuring secure, successful cloud migration

On Episode 56 of the Tech Transforms podcast, sponsored by Dynatrace, Commander White talks with hosts Carolyn Ford and Mark Senell about how the C5I Service Center is enabling the Coast Guard to securely and rapidly move to the cloud. He discusses the criticality of private-public partnerships and the role of the cloud in testing and comparing solutions.

During the conversation, Commander White also shares his top advice for other agency leaders as they embark on their cloud migration journeys, including the following:

  • Get out of your box
  • Learn to advocate for, retain and spend money
  • Manage your people

Tune in to the full episode for more insight around Commander White’s advice, the C5I Service Center and its mission, and what transformed him from an artificial intelligence (AI) doubter to an AI believer.

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