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Showcasing engineering excellence at Dynatrace

The Innovation Lab at Dynatrace is excited to announce the launch of the brand-new Dynatrace Engineering website, which went live at the beginning of April 2021.

A screenshot of the home page of the Dynatrace Engineering Website

Whilst our traditional Dynatrace website predominantly showcases Dynatrace content and product information for visitors, the idea behind the creation of our new Engineering website – engineering.dynatrace.com – was to set up a space to feature the results of our research and innovation efforts and aims to be a site made by engineers for engineers.

The website was created by Dynatrace with the aim of showcasing our engineering excellence, which supported us in becoming the leaders in software intelligence and cloud monitoring.

Our Dynatrace researchers now have a space to share their contributions and research in the domains of software intelligence, data science, real-time analytics, distributed data systems, and cloud-native application security. This is also made possible thanks to the collaboration with universities and research partners, which is prominently featured on the Research page.

A screenshot of the Research Page on the Dynatrace Engineering Website

As we strongly believe open-source will shape the future of the industry, we have also dedicated a space to the open-source community. Working at Dynatrace means collaboration, and this motivates us to collaborate with others and actively contribute to open-source projects. The Open-Source page showcases our efforts in the development of standards and projects, which in turn also shape the Dynatrace product.

A screenshot of the Open Source page on the Dynatrace Engineering Website

Another important part of the new website is also the new Engineering blog, which focuses on sharing insider stories of life and work at our Dynatrace R&D Labs, giving an inside view into what it means to work at Dynatrace and what happens behind the scenes that set us apart. We place our focus on real-life examples of our work with high-end technologies, as well as our UX excellence, cloud specialization, and unique Agile framework, just to name a few.

The creation of the Engineering website is a crucial step towards displaying a different side of Dynatrace to the outside world; as a company that’s not only dedicated to software product development but one that is a leader in innovation and research in the software engineering industry.