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Set up custom process groups for monitoring

Within large, dynamic environments, the number of processes running on your hosts can become overwhelming. For this reason, Dynatrace only monitors process group types that are considered to be important. Valuable process group types that Dynatrace reports on by default include:

  • Java application server (for example, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, and JBoss)
  • All other Java applications
  • All .NET applications
  • Databases (for example, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Cassandra)
  • Additional technologies (for example, Node.js and PHP)
  • Web servers (for example, Apache and IIS)
  • Processes that have an open TCP listening port or for which CPU/memory usage or network traffic exceeds 5% within 3 samples taken within 5 minutes

Monitor custom process groups

To monitor a process group that doesn’t meet any of the criteria above, you can define a custom process group to be monitored by OneAgent.

  1. Go to SettingsMonitoringProcess group detection > Custom process group detection rules .
  2. Click the Add detection rule button.
  3. Type in the information that OneAgent needs to identify the custom process group (Custom process typeExecutable name, and Executable path).
  4. (Optional) Type in any Command line parameters to filter the monitored process groups further.
  5. Click Save.

Going forward, the newly defined custom process group will be automatically detected and monitored across all hosts—even hosts that are launched following definition of the custom process group.