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Accenture, AWS, and Dynatrace: Racing toward a modern observability strategy

With the complexity of today’s technology landscape, a modern observability strategy is critical for organizations to stay competitive. With digital transformation, cloud migration, and the explosion of data, a unified observability and security approach is what will set businesses apart. Together with industry-leading partners, Dynatrace delivers end-to-end observability to enterprises across the globe, enabling intelligent automation and faster innovation.

On the topic of speed, the São Paulo Grand Prix is one of the most renowned motorsport events of the year, with high-stakes races that are sure to leave audiences at the edge of their seat. As Dynatrace continually looks to grow partnerships with top global solution integrators (GSIs) across Latin America, our teams in Brazil proposed an exciting yet ambitious idea: leverage the event as a premier C-level, joint customer enablement, and networking opportunity.

Strategically selected for its unparalleled visibility within the enterprise landscape, the São Paulo Grand Prix represented a crucial chance to engage with existing customers and enterprise prospects who were actively participating in the event. Looking to maximize the event’s potential, the aim was to grow the Dynatrace family by enabling the onboarding of new clients and allowing existing accounts to fully explore what the Dynatrace platform can offer.

In collaboration with one of our leading partners in the consulting and services space, Accenture, Dynatrace used the Grand Prix as a catalyst for heightening awareness, showcasing the comprehensive scope of observability.

Partners in observability excellence

With Accenture, Dynatrace developed a three-day program starting with an executive briefing each morning led by its Observability Practice Team. The goal was to showcase the value of observability through the lens of the Grand Prix event, sparking engagement and meaningful business impact conversations across executives at the racetrack.

The partnership between Dynatrace and Accenture combines a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and strategic experience that ensures customers receive unparalleled observability solutions. Accenture’s rich industry insights, together with Dynatrace, empower organizations to develop a modern observability strategy, thus enhancing digital experiences and navigating complex modern cloud landscapes while continuously monitoring and optimizing performance.

The program evolved organically, as Accenture owns broadcasting rights for the race and its platform was hosted in the AWS cloud. The AWS team was thrilled to come on board thanks to our strong partnership as a key independent software vendor (ISV) in their ecosystem.

Expanding modern observability strategy horizons in Latin America

The São Paulo Grand Prix became the epicenter of business discussions, as Dynatrace joined the HCLTech enterprise program as part of their sponsorship of the Ferrari team. This momentum allowed the expansion of the Dynatrace family with customers from the top enterprises in Brazil.

Dynatrace accomplished the following in a short time:

  • Strengthened partnerships with two key GSIs in the region.
  • Integrated a hyperscaler into a customer-centric approach.
  • Empowered Dynatrace teams to lead effective conversations with enterprise customers.
  • Enabled a wide range of customers to understand the importance of observability in navigating complex cloud environments.

Looking to the future of modern observability

Dynatrace is proud to work with industry-leading partners to effectively tackle modern cloud challenges as more and more businesses transform. We provide continuous support to partners such as Accenture by running observability workshops and assessments for their customers, in turn enabling them to create a reliable cloud ecosystem, with real-time, actionable insights for true business impact.