Perform and Go! Virtually awesome in the making

“Sometimes you just have to do hard things, to prove you can.” That’s a quote from my favourite virtual cycling instructor on Peloton, Emma Lovewell.  And she’s right. You don’t grow by sitting in your comfort zone.

Today, it’s with great sadness, that we have to announce Perform and the Go series as virtual events. Done. A decision we didn’t want to settle on is forced upon us. And I won’t ‘beat around the bush’ as we say in Australian slang. It sucks. Because Perform and the Go series are both a gathering of a powerful community and not doing this in Vegas, in London, or in Sydney, sucks.

Each year our events go stronger and grow more superpowers. Last Feb, in Las Vegas, we blew the roof off our own expectations. Our Perform team – the highly skilled brand and event masterminds – meticulously crafted a near-perfect event. In Feb it felt like the ‘coming of age’, and we added just that little bit of magic.

And yet, the only questions on our minds as the curtain drew, well, in this case, the light-filled giant coloured balls, bounced around the stadium, was ‘how will we ever top this?’

Possibly by not doing giant coloured balls that could hurt people was one thought. But alas it did provide comical value.

Sometimes you have to do hard things. To prove you can.

What makes Perform and Go so special is our community. So we have to do this remotely. It’s less than ideal, but it also means we have to try just a little bit harder to ensure the fun, the value, the lessons, and the passion is there. Wondering what to expect?

  • Bigger keynotes
  • More education opportunities – in fact, expect our largest ever university experience at Perform
  • More breakout sessions
  • More customer stories
  • More opportunities to connect 1:1 with our experts
  • And…expect the unexpected. If you thought ‘Full-Stack Baby’ was a one-off, think again.

This community will not let us down. We want your suggestions, your crazy ideas, your stories.

Are you ready? Let’s do this. Let me know you are in, and let’s make something epic together. Learn more and get yourself registered here.

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