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OneAgent & Security Gateway – Release notes v1.119



  • Spring Web Services client


  • Service Fabric SDK 2.5 support
  • Heap and other ETW metrics for .NET Core


  • Node.js now reports the loaded packages and versions. To view Node.js package and version detail, expand the Properties section on any Node.js process page.

General improvements and fixes

  • SAP technology discovery
  • Server URL for plugin upload is now stored in a persisted configuration
  • Improved aging of Crash reports, significantly reduces OneAgent consumption of  CPU on machines that have a high number of crash reports
  • OneAgent updates no longer fail when network monitoring can’t be terminated due to pending I/O operations
  • In addition, this version of OneAgent includes many fixes to process grouping, monitored entity reporting, and data presentation consistency

Security Gateway

  • Custom certificates support for Windows
  • OpenStack: Project status is now reported