Microsoft embeds Dynatrace natively in the Azure Portal

Dynatrace has enhanced its partnership with Microsoft Azure, providing users a quick and easy path to purchasing, configuring, and managing Dynatrace directly inside the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Dynatrace is excited to announce this enhancement, which is now in public preview for any Azure customer to evaluate. Now it’s easier than ever for Dynatrace and Microsoft joint customers to use Dynatrace’s deep cloud observability, continuous runtime application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities in Microsoft Azure and multicloud environments.

“Microsoft is committed to providing a complete and seamless experience for our customers on Azure,” says Balan Subramanian, Partner Director of Product Management, Azure Developer Experiences, Microsoft. “Enabling developers to use their most loved tools and services makes them more productive and efficient. Azure native integration of Dynatrace makes it effortless for developers and IT administrators to monitor their cloud applications with the best of Azure and Dynatrace together.”

By providing customers with the most comprehensive, intelligent, and easy-to-deploy observability solution in the market, Dynatrace and Microsoft have laid the groundwork for organizations to successfully migrate to cloud environments and continuously modernize with speed and scalability.

“Deep and broad observability, runtime application security, and advanced AI and automation are key for any successful cloud transformation,” said Dynatrace Senior Vice President of Product Management, Steve Tack. “Through the Dynatrace platform’s integration with the Microsoft Azure Portal, customers will now have immediate access to these capabilities. This integration will deliver answers and intelligent automation from the massive data volume generated by modern hybrid-cloud environments, which enables flawless and secure digital interactions.”

Some of the benefits of integrating Dynatrace natively in the Azure Portal include the ability to:

  • Procure and deploy Dynatrace with just a few clicks and consolidate billing through the Azure Marketplace.
  • Easily send Azure logs and metrics to Dynatrace, adding to the Dynatrace platform’s extensive observability data, and extending advanced AIOps with code-level analysis to your complete Azure, hybrid, or multicloud environment.
  • View and manage Azure virtual machines and App Service resources monitored by Dynatrace.
  • Automatically receive Dynatrace software updates.
  • Access the Dynatrace platform with single sign-on using Azure credentials.

Azure customers can now use the Dynatrace OneAgent through the Azure Portal. Simply install OneAgent, one time, forever – with zero manual configuration. Here’s what sets Dynatrace’s OneAgent apart from the competition:

  • The process from download to installation on host takes two seconds.
  • Once OneAgent is installed, it looks at the health of hosts and processes to ensure that all resources run as they should. This monitoring is ongoing.
  • When a new process starts, OneAgent sees that a process has been initiated and determines whether it should be instrumented. If yes, it instruments the process automatically – this process is continuous and applies to all new processes.
  • OneAgent is also container aware and can instrument to code-level detail.

This collaboration between Dynatrace and Microsoft – which kicked-off during Microsoft BUILD 2022 — makes it easier than ever to use the Dynatrace platform’s observability, security, AI, and automation to enable a successful cloud journey. The new Azure integration is available through the Azure Marketplace or directly with us.

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