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Introducing the Time frame selector

A long-awaited feature is finally here! In combination with our new support for multiple dashboards, a globally available Time frame selector is now also available.

As this is the first release of the Time frame selector, support is currently limited to dashboards and other key pages. The Time frame selector will eventually be available application-wide.

You’ll find the Time frame selector in the upper-right corner of all pages that support time frame selection:

0-global_time_frame_control 2

Use of the Time frame selector is straightforward and not much different than what we use for time-frame selection in charts. Just select the time frame you’re interested in analyzing. The difference is that the new Time frame selector affects data page-wide.

Previous and Next buttons enable you to move forward and backward in time.

4 2

Time frame selection is sticky—selected time frames are propagated to all pages you visit where time-frame selection is supported. For example, after changing the analysis time frame on your home dashboard, time-frame selection is preserved as you drill down from the Applications tile to individual application pages. The exception is when you click the Dashboard button in the header. The Dashboard button resets the time frame to your current dashboard’s default time frame.

3-application-dashb_icon 2

Custom dashboards can be built for many different purposes, for example, infrastructure health or real user monitoring. This is why it makes sense to have different analysis time frames for different dashboards—you don’t have to reset the time frame to the default each time you switch dashboards.

Recently used time frames

In some instances it makes sense to switch back to a recently used time frame. The Time frame selector includes a list of the most recently used time frames (up to 10).

4 3

In the near future, we’ll expand the capabilities of the Time frame selector, not only by increasing the number of supported pages, but also by enabling you to set custom time ranges.

Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what do you think about the new Time frame selector.