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Introducing the Citrix NetScaler ActiveGate monitoring extension

Citrix NetScaler devices help enterprises keep their software and data secure and available. These devices run on proprietary platforms, which don’t permit the installation of third-party monitoring solutions, making OneAgent-based monitoring of these devices infeasible. Dynatrace is pleased to announce support for remote monitoring of NetScaler devices via the Citrix NetScaler ActiveGate extension (which is built upon the ActiveGate framework).


  • Citrix NetScaler running version 10.5+ with support for Nitro REST API
  • Environment ActiveGate (version 1.155+) that has the ActiveGate plugin module installed and isn’t used for synthetic or mainframe monitoring
    • One environment ActiveGate can typically support 30-50 NetScaler devices.

What you get

The Citrix extension queries your network devices every minute and retrieves key performance metrics, properties, and events. While data points are important, context is critical. In order to develop and present real-time visualizations of the technologies that interact with and depend on these network devices, we pair these NetScaler metrics with data from your OneAgent-monitored hosts.

Citrix NetScaler in Smartscape

NetScaler processes

We also enable you to follow transactions throughout your technology stack.

NetScaler transactions

Of course, the ingested metrics are also automatically presented using the same rich visualization tools, infographics, and reports in which we display all information for OneAgent-monitored technologies.

NetScaler technology overview

NetScaler device metrics

Coming soon

NetScaler monitoring with Dynatrace is about to get better. In an upcoming release, Davis® (our AI-driven causation engine) will leverage these metrics when performing root cause analysis of detected problems, allowing it to either identify or eliminate NetScaler as the source of the issue.

Deployment and support

The ActiveGate extension is easy to deploy and is developed, maintained, and fully-supported by Dynatrace.

Interested in adding Citrix NetScaler ActiveGate monitoring?

The quickest way to get started is to reach out to Dynatrace One.