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How to accelerate technology adoption with Digital Performance Management

The application performance and customer experience provided by your websites, to both internal and external users, needs to be best in class and performing 100% of the time. This is what it takes to grow as an organization in the digital age, and continue to be a market leader. With growth and change comes increases in operational overheads and the complexities of change within organizational IT.

Change brings with it many issues, namely, multiple concurrent and conflicting initiatives. What causes IT initiatives (or any initiative for that matter) to fail? Ever increasing complexity, multiple stakeholders, unclear vision or lack of focus & skills to drive improvements to name a few. Any or all of these may result in you not seeing the full value of your investment.

With new investments in full stack technologies and container based solutions, or cloud based technologies as part of a digital transformation, as well as existing investments in traditional data center deployments, Digital Performance Management (DPM) is essential. DPM provides insights into customer experience with integrated IT and business data. But to fully realize the benefits of DPM, you have to understand that it is more than just a tool. As an organization, it is just as important to focus on the culture, people, and process that will support your initiatives to maximize your return on investment.

DPM, being at the centre of your IT landscape, provides the actionable information you need, and allows you to make effective business decisions, reduce outages, and improve customer experience. To achieve this seamless flow of information sharing, you must bridge the communication gap between business and IT. The first step is to understand where you are on your performance journey and where you aspire to be. Check out Alexis’ post on Goal Led Methodology employed at Dynatrace to learn more. Charting your maturity and establishing a baseline is paramount to accomplishing your continued increases in ability to make meaningful, strategic IT decision based on the business insights DPM provides.

How can you–as an individual–encourage change within a static IT environment? By enabling continuous improvement! Continuous improvement drives more competitive products and services with the focus on better customer service and more engaged employees. The next question you might ask is “What’s the best way to enable continuous improvement in my organization?” This comes down to enabling effective Digital Performance Management throughout the organization. This means always striving to deliver performance driven results, and driving adoption of DPM through expert leadership and guidance, the implementation of best practices, and promoting collaboration and success.

Dynatrace Services are leaders in the field of enterprise DPM deployment, adoption, and facilitating integration with new concepts like full stack, DevOps, and NoOps. Dynatrace Services have developed a collaborative assessment approach with our customers to identify visions and goals shared by both business and technology. By providing recommendations and guidance to create a DPM Centre of Excellence, which will enable rapid adoption through best practices and knowledge transfer amongst both technical and management teams.

However, we don’t just stop there, Dynatrace Services’ approach looks at all aspects of your organization, from stakeholders and process owners through to users and partners. It recognizes your strategic IT objectives and identifies how DPM can be leveraged to enable the business goals.

In summary, Dynatrace not only focuses on technology but the people and processes that are equally important to continuously improve your IT platforms and help to guarantee the success of your initiatives. We work in partnership with you to create an actionable, easy-to-implement, and achieve plan, whatever your goals.

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