Dynatrace Software Intelligence Awards

Every year at Perform we like to do something special for our customers, by recognizing the amazing stories of digital transformation they embarked on over the last year. And this year is no different.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen incredible stories from our customers; from adopting a new generation of application performance monitoring to embarking on a cloud transformation journey. A lot of the stories I hear aren’t just stories about upgrading to the latest and greatest technology, but stories about the immense change in culture at organizations.

This is the most exciting part of my job! Seeing an organization that only a few months ago were staying afloat and clearing tickets, are now exceeding their management’s expectations and their own. This is why we like to celebrate our customers.

So, this year we have decided to revamp our awards a little by aligning them to the change that we have seen our customers undertake.

This year we will be presenting four awards to customers:

  1. Digital Business Excellence Award: Recognizes companies who transform their digital business to become customer driven; delivering superior digital experiences.
    • For this award we looked at customers who put their customer first, above all else. Every decision made by these companies looks at it from the customer’s perspective and decides whether or not to proceed based on how it will impact the user experience.
    • We also looked at companies who have gone a step further and tied their executive level compensation to their customer satisfaction, because we have seen the benefits doing this brings first-hand.
  2. DevOps Award: Recognizes companies who embrace the “Release better software, faster” concept.
    • Like Dynatrace’s 26 releases per year, we are looking for customers who have also increased their number of successful production deployments through using Dynatrace.
    • We are looking for customers who have implemented continuous performance validation into their daily builds to provide real-time analysis of their deployments impact on the customer.
    • We’re not only looking for companies who release a lot, but those companies who release better.
  3. Cloud Automation Award: Recognizes companies who transform Operations via innovation and automation.
    • At Dynatrace, we recognized the shift from on-premise to the cloud when we switched to our new platform in 2014. The cloud has always been central to what we do, and this award looks at companies who have adopted not only a cloud first strategy, but also implemented an automated problem identification and remediation strategy through Dynatrace.
    • We have seen the benefits of working towards a NoOps mentality, and companies who were nominated for this award have also seen those benefits.
  4. Digital Transformation Leader Award: Recognizes companies with tangible accomplishments in all three areas of Software Intelligence; DevOps, Delivering Superior Digital Experiences and Cloud Automation.
    • This is it – the ‘Best in Show’ award. For this award, we are looking for companies who have embraced all the above concepts and more. Customers nominated for this award have embraced a cultural change throughout their application delivery lifecycle, provided A+ customer journeys, embraced DevOps change, and delivered stellar experiences all around.
    • For this award, we aren’t looking for the biggest and best deployment, but at the deployment that provides the most benefit to their organization and customers.
    • Winning this award is validation of the hard work and effort that goes in day in, day out for our customers.

Want to hear more about our nominees and hear their stories, and whether your company was one of our nominees? Find out at Perform 2019. We will be announcing the winners at our flagship event, along with several other announcements and spectacular keynotes and sessions across the three days.

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