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Dynatrace & ServiceNow feed and enrich the CMDB, automatically.

Modern microservices infrastructure commonly contain thousands of individual business-critical services and related dependencies. Managing highly dynamic service and application infrastructures with a CMDB database can be cumbersome and error prone.  Inaccurate configuration item data can delay incident resolution and degrade quality change.  This results in ineffective decision-making regarding service delivery increases risk for outages and slows down teams that are under pressure to accelerate time to value. 

Dynatrace and ServiceNow have highly complementary solutions to gain insights into service meshes, which feed and enrich the CMDB automatically, ensuring your CMDB is always current. They key word here is “automatic”.  The manual process is removed and instead driven by agent delivered real-time monitoring information. This keeps the underlying CMDB model stable.

Dynatrace delivers mission critical code-level information within the application and service layer, cutting through the complexity of modern IT ecosystems by automatically synchronizing all monitored hosts, services, and applications within your ServiceNow CMDB and automatically  generates service maps to the ServiceNow IT Operations Module (ITOM).

With the seamless integration between Dynatrace and ServiceNow, organizations can successfully manage software systems to efficiently route incidents to responsible teams.  This results in faster restoration from incidents, causation and correlation root-cause analysis, proactive problem resolution, low risk change execution, and better-informed business decision making.

Dynatrace is one of the first vendors to fully leverage the ServiceNow New York release’s ability to create and update service maps from third-party monitoring tools.  For more information, visit our website or install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment.