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Dynatrace lists on the NYSE

Today marks a special moment for Dynatrace as we list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DT.”

Today marks a special moment for Dynatrace as we list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DT.” This event marks a significant moment in time, but we are not just focused on today, it is the foundation that we have built for success tomorrow that is even more exciting.

I’m proud to share this moment with our 2,000+ Dynatracers. Our listing today is a testament to the entire organization’s focus and determination, and the support of our customers, partners, and friends. This is a company driven by the spirit of innovation and a commitment to customer success. We are always looking ahead to anticipate the needs of our customers to ensure that Dynatrace is exceeding their expectations and fuelling growth and success for all.

From an APM leader to defining a new category – Software Intelligence

From our origins in 2005, we quickly established ourselves as a leader in APM. But as the cloud and the modern software stack emerged, we recognized that it was going to cause a massive shift in the way companies built, ran and monitored software.

We asked the question ‘what would monitoring look like in 2020.’ Our founder and CTO Bernd Greifeneder led a taskforce which came back with the answer – “The cloud will disrupt everything, and to seize the opportunity, which will be massive, we need to reinvent everything!”

Rather than trying to bundle together a suite of tools, which we have seen others attempt, we purpose-built an all-in-one platform, with a powerful AI engine at the core.

Our secret sauce is a combination of innovations that work together to separate Dynatrace from all other cloud monitoring and software intelligence solutions:

  • OneAgent instrumentation enables automatic high-fidelity data capture through the entire full-stack.
  • Our ability to continually map this data into a real-time dependency map which we call Smartscape.
  • And a deterministic AI-engine, Davis®, that we put at the core of the platform, that serves answers, not just data on glass.

It’s the combination of OneAgent, Smartscape and Davis innovations that work together to bring highly differentiated value to our platform use-cases of APM, cloud infrastructure monitoring, digital experience monitoring, and AIOps.

Our all-in-one Software Intelligence approach, purpose-built for the cloud, provides a level of ease, efficiency, and speed that is highly differentiated in the market.

Thank you to our customers and partners.

Our customers and partners have always been an essential part of our community and we are grateful to their investment and support in our business. We look forward to continually working with this community, to advance our platform, create differentiated value, and continue to help customers succeed in today’s software-defined economy.

Thank you to all who have helped make this moment possible. We’re only just getting started, and I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.