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Deploying AI powered software intelligence in environments with technical or regulatory constraints

As you probably know, Dynatrace is the leading Software Intelligence Platform, focused on web-scale cloud monitoring. But did you know that Dynatrace offers multiple deployment models to fulfill your requirements?

As a Sr. Federal Sales Engineer, I often find myself explaining to government customers that Dynatrace provides Software Intelligence in your data center or on-prem cloud environment, monitoring all your mission-critical systems and bringing automatic, context-aware AI power in house. And, if your agency deals with highly sensitive data, no problem. We can deliver the right solution to meet your technical or regulatory needs.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Dynatrace provides the following solutions for government customers that fit a variety of needs.

Dynatrace SaaS

Our SaaS offering is the most implemented solution for enterprise commercial clients, including Samsung, SAP, Experian and many more. It’s a fully automated system that can be up and running within minutes, providing AI powered actionable insights. The Dynatrace SaaS environment already maintains best-in-class data security and privacy standards. And right around the corner we will have a FedRAMP certified SaaS offering that is completely isolated from our commercial SaaS solution but still providing government customers the same turn-key software intelligence. Stay tuned for further updates!

Dynatrace Managed

So, it’s great that a FedRAMP certified offering is coming, but what about today?

Dynatrace Managed was purpose-built for government agencies and commercial organizations that have specific policies around data sovereignty. With Dynatrace Managed you still get all the benefits of the Dynatrace platform while maintaining control of your data on-premise.

Dynatrace Managed is a simple but powerful platform. Within minutes you can download and deploy a single Dynatrace node, (or cluster of nodes) that contains all the key components needed to run Dynatrace (no requirement for separate databases).
As mentioned earlier, Dynatrace Managed provides all the power of our SaaS environment on-premise and still maintains much of the conveniences of SaaS such as pro-active support for maintenance and licensing, auto updates and a means by which our support teams can provide easy troubleshooting. This support function is provided via a highly secure connection with multiple levels of safeguards to our Mission Control. It is also important to note that Dynatrace Managed is the recommended install method for customers that have security constraints. The online nature of Managed allows us to provide the customer the highest value, resilience and proactive support which translates into the lowest cost-of-ownership.

But what if your agency’s policies don’t allow for an external connection? We have an answer for that as well.

Dynatrace Managed (Offline-Mode)

As mentioned in the beginning, Dynatrace offers solutions for all regulatory and technical requirements including a completely air-gapped option when policy or logistics prevent internet access. Like Dynatrace Managed, you get all the same functionality and intelligence in our SaaS offering but not the automated support, so maintenance becomes a manual task. It’s important to note that to enable proper support for Managed Offline, we require updates to be downloaded manually. But once downloaded, the update process is as simple as uploading the update package to the Dynatrace server and the server will handle the rest! We also understand that customers will often need time to validate new updates so we allow you to delay the update. Please see this link for further details on our support policies:


In an upcoming blog post I will dig deeper into how to deploy Dynatrace in hardened environments and best practices for these types of deployments.

If you are unsure which deployment method is best for your agency, a Dynatrace representative would be glad to assist you in finding the solution that best meets your needs.