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AWS IoT Marketplace has just landed; Dynatrace a proud partner

Today AWS announced the IoT marketplace and Dynatrace is a proud launch partner.

Modern IoT ecosystems are as complex as they are powerful. Delivery chains have been extended to smart devices, which require an end-to-end approach to manage everything from the device to the gateway, and all the way to the cloud services powering smart IoT applications. Dynatrace provides the unique ability to provide visibility into the entire value chain.

Dynatrace’s unique AI-powered monitoring is primed for these new applications Рthe largest application landscapes we have ever seen. When we were talking about maybe a couple of hundred nodes in the client-server age, the cloud era has pushed us towards running up to 100,000 nodes of individual services, which are also appearing and disappearing as load on the application changes. IoT and edge computing adds another level of complexity as we are suddenly talking about millions of devices, which are globally distributed across the world.

What do you get with Dynatrace monitoring for IoT ecosystems?

At Dynatrace we have identified a number of key use cases that monitoring has to meet for IoT ecosystems:

  • Availability of individual devices as well as global distribution of devices
  • Real-time visibility of deployed software version on IoT devices and insight into their performance
  • End-to-end monitoring of transactions – starting at the IoT device all the way back from modern cloud services, like AWS Lambda, and back to the user.
  • Integration of custom device health metrics like temperature into application health.

Here’s a quick look at our AWS IoT monitoring capabilities at a glance:

How can I start using Dynatrace for IoT monitoring?

Dynatrace IoT monitoring is based on our OpenKit technology. We provide a dedicated implementation for the AWS IoT Device SDK. Simply replace the standard SDK with the SDK containing the Dynatrace monitoring capabilities and you are all set. Within minutes you will get a full time view of your entire system end-to-end.

Is this new technology?

Although IoT is a pretty new technology space, we have been working with leading companies in the manufacturing, entertainment and mobility space for years to help them monitor and optimize customer experience for software running on the device, as well as the backends. In fact, it is not unlikely that Dynatrace is used to ensure the performance of your smart TV or satellite radio in your car.

How do I get access to Dynatrace IoT monitoring?

The best part is that we get you started with 1500 hours of free monitoring for your entire IoT ecosystem which includes devices, gateways, AWS IoT services as well as your custom application companies. You need more? No problem, because we are part of the IoT marketplace you can just add monitoring to your AWS with our simple consumption-based pricing, which is globally distributed across the entire globe.

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