Announcing next generation Davis conversation engine general availability

Those that follow Davis® closely know that in November, we told you that Davis is getting smarter. In that post we teased new features like improved responses and accuracy, contextual awareness, and new communication channels. Today, the Davis team is proud to announce the general availability of these features and more!

Improved accuracy and more relevant responses

One of the first things you will notice is improved accuracy and more relevant responses. More accurate models, more advanced intelligence, and the best software intelligence platform on the market come together to give you better answers in less time.

Charted responses with problem overlay

Starting today, Davis can now display charted time series metrics inline, with problems overlaid so you can easily visualize problem impacts and root causes.

In addition, you can further refine your request by asking about specific applications, services, hosts, or different time frames.

More natural interactions

Davis now uses context clues and conversational memory to interact more naturally with users. For example, Davis now starts conversations by updating you on the current status of your Dynatrace environment, and guides you through the process of discovering and assessing the impact of problems.

Coming soon

Make sure to keep checking back to see what’s new! In the next few weeks you can look forward to new conversation sources like Google Assistant, and new interaction types such as “Tell me about my application’s availability over the last 2 weeks,” and “How is my application’s response time?”

Stay updated