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Abandoned Shopping Cart – Minimizing errors, maximizing revenue

There are many reasons why people abandon shopping carts. Putting aside pricing, shipping, stock, or simply changing your mind, performance issues are a significant proportion of why people don’t check out. We’ve all experienced the ‘checkout error’. Refresh, try again, error. At this point, most people give up. Abandoned shopping cart.

With brands spending huge sums of marketing dollars trying to maximize revenue, it makes sense to be watching errors on conversion, and continuously fixing them. So whilst most marketers are focused on conversion rates, it’s equally, probably more important to understand WHY conversions are impacted.

It’s a very simple thing to do in Dynatrace.

In a webinar session I had with Mitchells & Butlers, who are leading pub and restaurant brand in the UK (circa 1700 establishments), they shared how they continuously monitor and optimize user journeys and paths to conversion.

Below is the overview of their funnel analysis for each brand. They have multiple brands so here we are looking at people navigating that brand, reviewing the menu, adding to basket, initiating payment and payment success.

Conversion Funnel Dynatrace

Another key view is, of course, understanding what is impacting conversions.

Shopping Cart Errors Dynatrace

In particular, they are looking, not just at technical errors like JavaScript, but also reviewing the error messages and out of stock messages. This helps their brands understand whether there is human error in stock quantities.

Teams are also able to see how many people, and even who is impacted. This enables them to build automation into potentially offering discount vouchers to retain loyalty. For brands that have high order value, and low transaction volume, i.e. business class airline purchase, maybe even car purchasing, a brand can see ‘who’ the person is, see their loyalty status perhaps, enabling either automated or human follow up.

Configuring insights like this is simple in Dynatrace. If you are a brand, in today’s day and age, where conversions mean absolutely everything, and you are not monitoring errors with performance and continuously optimizing, then we should talk.

You can watch the webinar here:
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