Dynatrace Web Load Testing

Discover User Experience Problems and Isolate Root Causes

Dynatrace Web Load Testing delivers the industry's most accurate cloud-based web load testing, with one click "load to code" analytics. Utilizing the industry's largest and most realistic cloud and last mile testing network, Web Load Testing generates high volume load that uniquely exercises the full web application delivery chain. It's the only web application load testing solution that provides deep performance analytics so you can not only detect problems, but also isolate, troubleshoot and fix them. Transform load testing into a higher-value activity with a new generation solution that empowers teams to rapidly respond to business problems.

Test Web and Mobile Performance from the Outside In

Customers do not access your website from your QA or development environment and neither should your web load testing tools. Dynatrace Web Load Testing is the only solution to combine cloud-based load generation from multiple geographic points of presence with thousands of real end-user desktops around the globe to test the full web application delivery chain and measure real end-user performance.

Get Instant Access to a Global Network of Virtual Users

Internal testing falls short of testing the diversity of geographic locations, ISPs, networks, desktop operating systems, browsers and Web 2.0 frameworks found in the real world. Don't let customers be the first to test your applications in the wild. Ensure that your website can handle peak volumes by web application load testing with over a million virtual users from the Cloud and thousands of real-user desktops with the Dynatrace Web Load Testing solution.

Analyze Web 2.0 and AJAX Support with Ease and Accuracy

Traditional web load testing approaches do not easily support complex Web 2.0 technologies without days of scripting or loss of accuracy. The Dynatrace Web Load Testing approach uses real browsers for more accurate, real world results — minimizing complex and time-consuming scripting and parameterization.

Don't Just Find Performance Issues — Fix Them

Traditional web load testing tools only tell you that you have a problem — not where the problem lies. Dynatrace delivers x-ray vision down to the code level to identify the specific infrastructure or software component that is the root cause of performance issues. After just one test using the Dynatrace solution, you can isolate the root cause of performance degradation and go directly into problem analysis.

Eliminate Multiple Test Runs

Fixing issues raised by load tests typically requires your organization's most skilled and in-demand technical resources. Nearly every web load testing tools will find issues that require code changes, application tuning and retesting. Avoid the high cost of test runs simply to reproduce problems or test minor changes. The Dynatrace Web Load Testing solution captures complete, in-depth data on every transaction the first time — eliminating extra test cycles and saving you time and money.

Ensure Third-party Performance and Reliability

Today's web applications typically rely on third-party content providers or technology partners such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). The Dynatrace solution helps you understand which third-party vendors are not meeting performance requirements, and provides fact-based evidence to support timely remediation. It's the only solution that combines load from the cloud with authentic end-user experience from our global last mile network to help you understand real CDN performance — before consumers are impacted.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Once provisioned on the Dynatrace Web Load Testing solution, you can be up and running global load tests in minutes. From the easy-to-use Recorder that leverages real browser technology to automate scripting, to the fully provisioned global network that's ready when you are, the Dynatrace Web Load Testing solution is ready when you need it most.

Use Tests Across the Lifecycle Seamlessly

Record your scripts in test and leverage them in production to monitor your web applications 24x7…or quickly reproduce issues in test leveraging production-monitoring assets. No other load testing solution enables seamless re-use of assets between test and production.

Share Between Teams

Share the same load testing investment across multiple teams with a fair and flexible SaaS licensing model that allows multiple teams to leverage the load testing service at the same time. A single, shared SaaS model removes the need for on-premise hardware and software and reduces costs across multiple teams. A fair virtual user consumption model means that each team pays only for what it needs.

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce testing iterations and cycle time with proactive problem resolution and prevention. Recorded sessions provide development, QA and operations teams a common platform for all to work from. Problem resolution becomes a collaborative effort to fix problems, rather than a challenge to find them.

Prevent Problems due to System Changes

Fix problems before you deploy applications. Easily discover and prevent performance problems due to hardware and software changes with automated architecture validation and regression testing. Assure applications deploy on time and maximum scalability for your website, even with agile development schedules and frequent releases.