Confident Delivery with Dynatrace 6.2: Painless DevOps

In the last weeks I had the pleasure of “bragging and showing off” the new Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace User Experience Management (UEM) 6.2 to a large portion of our 100k+ strong user community. You can get familiar with the new capabilities and the related benefits at our User Group meetups (find your local one on or in our Dynatrace What’s Awesome in 6.2 Webinar (watch it on APM University or check out the YouTube Tutorials as part of my Online Performance Clinic Series).

In the webinar I started out with two major themes that excited me the most:

Metrics-based Feedback Loops for Everyone

Last month at Velocity in Santa Clara we heard from companies such as Etsy, Target and Co that metrics are the steering vehicle for everyone involved in the software delivery process. However, metrics only work when they are accessible by everyone (technical and non-technical folks), are easy to build- or configure and can be captured on all your technology stacks (Mainframe to Node.js and everything in between). Dynatrace Application Monitoring/UEM 6.2 supports your metrics-driven DevOps journey – my highlights listed in the following image:

Dynatrace 6.2

My personal favorite: Application Monitoring/UEM for Everyone through touch-based analysis, personal license and integrated in your deployment pipeline

Let me dig a bit deeper in some of these areas and show how everyone can benefit from this new release:

Data Analytics for Everyone

Thanks to my colleague Peter you can watch the new HTML5 Touch-enabled Dynatrace Web in action.

3 Minute Walkthrough of Dynatrace Web powered by PureLytics

Try it yourself with the Dynatrace Free Trial. Test it on your tablet and explore big data analytics at your fingertips. If you want to learn how to build your own cool dashboards with the new Web interface feel free to join my upcoming Online Performance Clinic on July 1st – or watch the recording:

Application Monitoring/UEM for Everyone - Forever

The Dynatrace Free Trial gives access to Application Monitoring/UEM to everyone. Now, with 6.2 we also offer a Personal License option which allows you to use Dynatrace as long as you want on your local machine after the free trial period is over. Why do we do this? Because we believe that better software starts by enabling developers, testers, architects, etc. to built-in quality right from the start on their local machines.

Through our YouTube Tutorials and the Share Your PurePath program everyone can do more quality checks on the application they develop or test on their local machine. All it takes is looking at the Transaction Flow as the following example shows from one of our Free Trial members:


As an architect, developer or tester you should raise the quality flag if you see a Transaction Flow like that

Global Resource Monitoring for Everyone

PureStack technology has been around for a while, allowing our Dynatrace Agents (Java, .NET, Web Server, …) to automatically capture relevant processes (CPU, Thread, Memory, Perf Counters, …) and host (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) system health metrics. 6.2 introduces PureStackv2 to allow IT Ops to globally manage system health across all Dynatrace System Profiles with a more granular and adjustable alerting mechanism. Alerts can also be managed through integrations with external tools such as PagerDuty or others.


PureStackv2 gives you a global infrastructure health overview with automatic host health alerting

Monitoring every (Micro)Service

A lot of new software is built with a service or even micro-service architecture. PurePath already follows transactions over well-known supported protocols such as SOAP, REST, WCF, RMI, .NET Remoting, JMS or MSMQ. 6.2 now also detects external service calls via more exotic or custom protocols, e.g.: sockets, shared memory, file, etc. Simply configure a Sensor for your API calls and mark them as “External API Service” as shown in the following screenshot.


Example: How often do we query certain object types from Hibernate? How long does it take? Get these metrics through a Dynatrace Sensor

Hot Technologies: NGINX, Node.js, Docker, Chef, Puppet & Co

Many of you out there have the chance to use the latest and greatest technology to build new software and improve your delivery process. We at Dynatrace us all of these tools internally and also provide support for them through our product. The following is a transaction flow on a Node.js app behind an NGINX web server – Dynatrace provides you full End-to-End Monitoring including server host health monitoring:


Got NGINX or Node.js in your technology mix? Dynatrace PurePath has you covered?

For automated deployment tools or containers such as Docker check out our GitHub repositories:

Confident Delivery with Built-In Quality Checks

At Velocity the “DevOps Unicorn” Target enlightened us on how they can deploy up to 80 times per week. This is only possible when having quality gates in places that automatically identify any type of regression based on architectural metrics such as # of SQL Statements executed, Memory Allocated per User, JavaScript time contribution for loading the homepage and others. Dynatrace has always provided these metrics – now we are also supporting you with automated quality gates based on these metrics and allow you to stop your build early in the pipeline:


Integrate Dynatrace in your delivery pipeline and stop builds early to reduce unplanned work and speed up overall cycle time

Automatic Regression Detection by Build

6.2 automatically detects your Acceptance, Unit- and HTTP-based Integration tests for REST Services or URL Endpoints. We automatically baseline key architectural metrics for every test and build and mark a build as failed in case we identify a regression. It provides an updated Test Automation REST interfaces to manage, mark and track build quality. We also provide a new Test Overview Dashboard as shown in the following screenshot:


Dynatrace automatically analyzes and detects quality regressions across builds for every Acceptance, Unit and HTTP-based Integration Test

Our team did a great job writing tutorials on our Dynatrace Community portal about how to integrate Dynatrace with JMeter, SoapUI, xUnit as well as into our Ant, Maven or MSBuild scripts executed through Jenkins, Bamboo: Integrate Dynatrace in Continuous Integration Builds.

Integration with Jenkins, Bamboo and Co

If you have already invested in Continuous Integration and use the usual suspects Jenkins, Bamboo, Team Foundation Server … then you want to pull the build quality metrics from 6.2 into your tools. Our Test Automation REST Interfaces allow you to do this for any Build Server. But we already have community-driven integrations with Jenkins and Bamboo as you can see in the following screenshot:


Let Dynatrace break your build in case you checked in code that violates key architectural metrics

Get Your Hands On Application Monitoring/UEM 6.2

There is so much more on this topic than what I could fit into this blog – so – please check out the Release Notes for a complete overview of all the enhancements that come with this version.

Customers can download the latest version on our Product Download Page. Anybody else can simply register for the Free Trial (with the option to make it Personal License FOREVER). Remember why we do that? It’s time to level-up everyone and empower developers, testers, architects and operations to get the metrics they need to identify bad deployments as soon as possible.

About the author: Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. He is a regular contributor within Web Performance and DevOps communities and a prolific speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. Reach him at @grabnerandi

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