Service backtrace

Automatically analyze service call sequences from back-end performance to front-end impact

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Service backtrace

Control complex service architectures with ease

With today’s applications comprising complex service call chains, how do you know which click leads to a specific service request? Dynatrace service backtrace shows you not only which services directly call a particular back-end service but also the sequence of preceding service calls leading up to each request—all the way back to the browser click or user action that triggered the sequence in the first place.

Analyze the sequence of service calls from the other direction—from an individual application or user action all the way though the entire service call chain—with service flow.

See how service backtrace shows the “red thread” of any service—including database services—back up through the call chain, all the way to the initial browser click that triggered the sequence.

Understand how specific requests or database statements impact customers

Not all service request failures are created equal. Service backtrace lets you know whether (and how) failed requests impact your other services and your customers.

Service backtrace of this Credit Card Verification service failure shows that customers are indeed affected: the Booking requests fail, so people can no longer buy things. Conversely, service backtrace of this AdsForBlog service failure shows that not a single blog post failed to load when requested, so users were not affected. This Services page shows that all requests to are failing. Drilling down into service backtrace shows you the impact of this failure. Service backtrace tells you which services and which user clicks led up to this 3rd-party call.

Code-level insights and failure analysis—end to end—at your fingertips

Eliminate the time-consuming struggle of looking for a needle in a haystack. Service backtrace pinpoints where service calls originate in your code. The stacktrace of calls gives you method details within the context of a specific call chain.

Stop hunting down problems and start fixing them. Service backtrace lets you know the reasons for failed requests. With just one click, you understand which requests fail and the Dynatrace artificial intelligence engine determines the underlying root causes and errors.

Service backtrace shows where service calls originate in your code. Get a detailed analysis of why requests fail.


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