Practical Performance Testing Tips for

In recent testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that HHS failed to perform enough testing to ensure a working system and revealed that parts of the website did not get “loaded” until the third week of September, one week before its launch.  “We did not adequately do end-to-end testing”, Sebelius said. As a performance professional for more than 20 years,… read more

How Real User Monitoring saves you Mainframe MIPS!

Today I want to share a success story from one of our customers in the financial business who combined the currently hyped topic Real User Monitoring with the good old mainframe. They used Real User Monitoring to identify unnecessary calls from their rich client application into the mainframe and reduced useless data retrieved from the mainframe which ultimately saved them lots of money on MIPS. The customer’s internal banking application… read more

Saving MIPS and Money: Automated Mainframe Transaction Tracing and Analysis

For the past decades, mainframe experts have been tasked with tuning their systems, applications, databases and individual DB2 SQL executions. Traditional Monitoring and Application Performance Management (APM) tools provide useful insight to support these tasks. APM for the Mainframe is therefore well established and saves more money by optimizing MIPS and MSUs than these performance tools cost to run. But – there is more to APM than optimizing individual DB… read more

Bridging the Chasm: From Collision to Connection between the Mainframe and the Distributed World

If you are an IT manager, application owner, architect or developer in a corporation leveraging a mainframe, then today is a revolutionary day: Application Performance Management is now available end-to-end for the mainframe. Read about how this will drastically change the way we manage developing, refining, testing and bug-fixing applications involving a mainframe. The Pain Are you a mainframe developer that spent hours optimizing mainframe code and still receive complaints… read more

Routing Out Mainframe Performance Dogs and CPU Hogs

Mainframe application and subsystem CPU consumption drives MIPS usage and MIPS usage drives mainframe hardware and software costs. If your mainframe performance is poor, that increases CPU usage – and poor performance costs money. These performance dogs and resource hogs are often overlooked areas of waste that, when identified and corrected, can put dollars back in your budget. read more