Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a member of the Product Specialist and Sales Engineering teams at Dynatrace. Before joining Dynatrace, he spent 10 years in performance analysis. He loves seeing Dynatrace turn performance testers into performance engineers. In a parallel universe, he is touring the world with his band that became more influential than the Beatles. Brian also co-hosts a podcast with Andi Grabner. Listen on Spreaker or Pure Performance

Brian Wilson's articles

10 Tips to Deliver Outstanding Liferay v7 Performance

While the words “Digital Transformation” can mean many things, in the case of Liferay, we regularly see how organizations have transformed and enriched online journeys and experiences for their customers and employees by unlocking rich data, information, and applications hidden deep within their IT department. This feat should not be understated because, as Forrester points out, the challenge of integrating numerous and complex back-end systems and data sources poses a real… read more

Diagnosing Sitecore Performance Problems

Website performance is incredibly important for most companies. This is especially true in situations where a website might be accessed by a huge number of customers within a short period of time (think Black Friday or a utility company with a widespread outage). While performance can mean different things to different people (time to first byte, perceived performance, etc.), we can all agree performance metrics are an important part of… read more

Upgrade to IBM Commerce 8 with Confidence

On November 30th 2015 IBM released IBM Commerce v8.o.  It’s been six years since IBM released a major version of IBM Commerce.  While there have been many feature and fix packs released over the last 6 years, the idea of deploying a new major version of application software is one that can give the digital business owners and IT roles many restless nights. Application upgrades can be a nerve-wracking experience for… read more

Application Performance & 4 Key Tips for Optimizing Your IBM WebSphere Commerce Site

IBM WebSphere Commerce is robust and highly scalable. But you know the work is just beginning once your platform is in place, right? From the outset, you need to work to ensure application performance. Satisfying today’s demanding shoppers, who demand flawless experience across smartphones, tablets and PCs, requires you to relentlessly fine-tune and evolve your brand’s digital experience to drive engagement and loyalty and increase conversions and basket size. To… read more

Key Metrics to ensure your IBM WebSphere Commerce investment delivers: Part 2

In Part 1 of this 2 part blog series, we looked at the key metrics that are useful to different stakeholders in an IBM WebSphere Commerce (WSC) environment. To recap, one key component to successfully manage an online retail site is the ability to share data with all stakeholders from the same tool as it eliminates any confusion about the source of the data. In this blog, we… read more