SAP monitoring

Because downtime and slow performance of SAP applications hurt both user adoption and business productivity, IT operations teams are under pressure to find and fix problems fast when users are dissatisfied. This is why many organizations are now turning to SAP monitoring tools to overcome the complexities of the SAP architecture and diagnose critical performance problems.

The reality is that many SAP performance issues originate from non-SAP components, and isolating the fault domain can be difficult and time-consuming. Without an SAP monitoring solution in place, troubleshooting can take what feels like forever to frustrated users and business managers. Dynatrace's SAP monitoring solution, just one of the many powerful products in our broad portfolio of APM software, which includes SharePoint performance and web application performance monitoring tools, enables comprehensive SAP performance monitoring and rapid, accurate root-cause analysis.

SAP monitoring

Accelerate performance troubleshooting by taking a unified approach to SAP monitoring

Organizations that spend days or weeks tackling SAP performance problems may discover that their existing monitoring toolset is simply inadequate for real-world troubleshooting. Typically, different teams are managing separate layers or tiers of the SAP architecture; and, when problems arise, each team resorts to their own single-purpose monitoring tool. Lacking a holistic view of the SAP ecosystem, teams end up shifting the blame, unable to detect issues existing outside of their particular domain.

Taking a unified approach to SAP monitoring with a solution that encompasses all aspects of the SAP and related non-SAP landscape helps eliminate blind spots and the blame games that hinder problem solving. A unified SAP monitoring solution can accelerate diagnosis and resolution of SAP performance anomalies, thereby improving service availability and speed and reducing the TCO of SAP deployments.

Mobile Monitoring & Omni-Channel

Dynatrace SAP monitoring: an end-to-end enterprise APM solution for SAP applications

Leverage the unified SAP monitoring capabilities of our best-in-class enterprise application management solution, Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring (RUM). Data Center RUM gives you end-to-end visibility across the entire SAP application delivery chain—across all users, application tiers, and underlying infrastructure. With Dynatrace automatically detecting and monitoring each and every SAP process and user transaction, your teams never miss a beat. From intuitive monitoring dashboards, see a correlated view of application and network health, detect and assess the business impact of SAP performance issues in real time, and zoom in to isolate the root cause of user frustration and outages.

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SAP monitoring dashboard

Performance monitoring solutions for SharePoint and other distributed enterprise applications

With the proliferation of cloud services and mobile devices, enterprise applications have evolved to encompass new channels and services. And Dynatrace is proud to be leading a new generation of APM solutions delivering enterprise-wide and omni-channel performance monitoring for all of your distributed enterprise applications. For SharePoint solutions, we offer a SharePoint monitoring tool that is both easier to use and more comprehensive in scope than other SharePoint monitoring tools, supplying you with the detailed information you need to ensure the availability and optimal performance of your SharePoint architecture.

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