Network traffic monitoring

When the health of your network is critical to the success of your business, network traffic monitoring solutions can help to ensure your network remains availability to the customers, employees and partners who rely on it daily. Superior network traffic monitoring tools can provide continuous visibility into the health of your network and enable you to identify issues and resolve them quickly and proactively – before they affect end-users. With the right network traffic monitoring solution, you can not only minimize downtime, but reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to stay on top of network performance.

For enterprises seeking leading network traffic monitoring solutions, Dynatrace provides network traffic monitoring softwarethat is the choice of thousands of enterprises worldwide, including some of the world’s biggest companies and brands.

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Dynatrace network traffic monitoring solutions

Dynatrace is one of the leading providers of application performance management (APM) solutions to business worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500. Our technology enables businesses of any size to improve the applications and network performance by finding and fixing problems fast – before end-users are impacted.

Our network traffic monitoring solution, Dynatrace Data Center RUM, is an application-aware network performance monitoring tool that delivers visibility into the health of both applications and the network from a single dashboard. With the ability to directly view and evaluate how network health is impacting application performance in the context of end-user experience, you can resolve issues more quickly to ensure optimal network performance. That means when there are problems, you can rely on edge-to-app visibility, adaptability, detail and diagnostics to get them fixed well before users start to feel the impact.

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Comprehensive network traffic monitoring tools

Dynatrace Data Center RUM provides all the network traffic monitoring tools you need to protect the health of your network:

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