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Gain important network metrics with Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

Network administrators have long had available to them network traffic monitoring tools that provide visibility into network traffic volume, speed, and error rates. But connecting this traffic profile data to the things that matter most to the business – business transaction performance and user experience – has usually come down to conjecture and educated guesswork. With Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DCRUM), that’s all changed. Dynatrace DCRUM is an integrated suite of application-aware network traffic monitor tools that make crystal clear not only how your network is performing, but also how that performance is impacting enterprise application performance and end user experience – all through a single pane of glass.

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Network Traffic Monitoring Tools that Monitor What Matters Most

Dynatrace DCRUM is a non-intrusive data center monitoring solution that passively monitors 100% of network traffic across all physical and virtualized network segments. DCRUM network traffic monitoring software not only delivers real-time insight into traditional network performance metrics like bandwidth usage, throughput, RTT, and error rates, it also supports retrospective deep packet analysis to reveal the business context and user context of every network transmission. With Dynatrace network traffic monitoring tools you can uncover exactly how network performance issues impact the performance of specific enterprise applications; and exactly how network issues impact user groups and even individual users.

The Dynatrace DCRUM network traffic monitoring tool suite offers solutions for application-aware network performance monitoring for a wide variety of modern enterprise technologies including SAP, Oracle, Citrix, VOIP, HTTP/SOAP/XML web services, and more.

Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Benefits of Dynatrace Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

By using Dynatrace network traffic monitoring tools in your enterprise data center you can:

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