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Network performance plays a bigger role in enterprise application performance than ever before. With multi-tier applications the norm, growing distance between enterprise data centers and enterprise users, and the rise of virtualized desktop infrastructures, the performance of key business processes increasingly depends on how well the network performs. To meet business demands in this environment, today’s IT service managers need the right network traffic monitoring tool. What they need in particular is a network traffic monitoring tool that not only monitors and reports on network activity, but also provides network traffic analysis that can illuminate the intricate connections between network performance and business application performance.

Dynatrace DCRUM: The network traffic monitoring tool for today’s business applications

Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DCRUM) is a next-generation network traffic monitoring tool set that unifies network monitoring and application monitoring in a single platform with a single interface. With Dynatrace network traffic monitoring software you get comprehensive network traffic metrics, adaptive baselining, and intelligent alerting functionality. But Dynatrace also goes far beyond conventional network monitor functionality to provide deep visibility into how network performance is impacting:

A non-intrusive solution that passively monitors 100% of network traffic across all network segments and application tiers, the Dynatrace network traffic monitoring tool suite gives you unprecedented insight into how your network is impacting key business objectives.

Application dependencies

Get the right network traffic monitoring tool for your environment

The Dynatrace DCRUM network traffic monitoring tool suite supports all leading middleware and database environments. With Dynatrace you can get just the right set of integrated network traffic monitoring tools, with purpose-built solutions for enterprise environments including :

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Test early and often

Along with DCRUM for ongoing monitoring of enterprise applications in production, Dynatrace can also help when you’re in need of network performance testing tools. With the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring service you can proactively test enterprise applications to make sure that you can meet SLAs for your internal customers, or handle anticipated increases in user traffic. And for website applications geared toward partners or customers, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring can test site performance to make sure your application and its supporting network infrastructure are ready for prime time.

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