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These are times of profound change in corporate data centers, as organizations seeking to become more efficient and agile undertake major IT initiatives such as private cloud implementation, desktop virtualization, unified communications, and the roll-out of versatile enterprise application platforms. For network operations managers, these initiatives raise critical questions. How effectively is the network supporting these new applications and services? Is the business maximizing its return on investment? Is network resource usage aligned with business priorities? Can we quickly identify and respond to bottlenecks and hot spots?

Dynatrace, the industry leader in application performance monitoring tools, makes application-aware network traffic monitoring software that enables network operators to confidently answer these questions and more.

Network traffic monitoring software for the new generation of data centers

Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DCRUM) is a new breed of network traffic monitoring software that provides visibility not only into network performance metrics but also the business transaction and user experience context of network activity. DCRUM is data center monitoring that makes it easy to see what matters most to the business: how well the data center and its network infrastructure are supporting key business processes and initiatives.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Dynatrace network traffic monitoring software:

Application dependencies

Network traffic monitoring software tailored to your Data Center

While most data centers face common challenges when it comes to monitoring and optimizing network and application performance, each data center has its own distinct environment and application portfolio. That’s why Dynatrace offers specialized network traffic monitoring tools that extend our core network traffic monitoring software to provide deep network traffic analysis for specific technologies such as:

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