Network traffic analysis

Network traffic analysis is critical to maintaining a healthy network. Through continual network traffic monitoring and analysis of network traffic patterns, you can proactively identify where resource bottlenecks and performance limitations are occurring, and quickly resolve them before they have a chance to diminish the experience of your end users.

As a world leader in application performance management (APM) solutions, Dynatrace offers powerful tools for network traffic analysis that enable you to more easily monitor traffic, automate analysis, resolve issues and ensure optimal performance of your network for everyone who relies on it to access the resources they need.

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Dynatrace solutions for network traffic analysis

Dynatrace Data Center RUM

is an application-aware network traffic monitoring tool that provides an integrated view of network and application performance. With a single view of the health of applications and the network, this Dynatrace solution enables superior network traffic analysis and provides the tools you need to prevent downtime, enhance performance and deliver optimal user experiences. Data Center RUM lets you automate network traffic analysis by monitoring network traffic and automatically recognizing users and transactions across your application delivery chain, including custom and packaged applications, load balancers, web servers, middleware, databases, network services and more. With superior network traffic analysis, you can easily correlate user experience monitoring metrics to network performance, infrastructure components, apps, transactions, user groups, and geographic regions.

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Dynatrace network traffic analysis capabilities

Dynatrace Data Center RUM provides network traffic analysis tools that let you:

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