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When the success of your business depends on your network performance, you need network performance monitoring solutions that can provide instant and continuous visibility into the health of your network. With superior network performance solutions, you can find issues more quickly, resolve bottlenecks more easily, and prevent downtime more successfully. The right network performance tools help you to ensure that everyone who depends on your network can find and access what they need there, 24/7.

As a leading provider of application performance management (APM) technology, Dynatrace offers an application-aware network performance monitoring solution that can help you proactively find and fix problems across all tiers – before they impact network performance or the experience of end-users.

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM

is a network performance monitoring solution that provides an integrated view of the health of your network and your applications. That means on a single dashboard you can view and assess the contribution of network performance to application and performance availability, in the context of end user experience analysis. With our network performance solution you can quickly identify and resolve hotspots, network bottlenecks and performance limitations – from wired and wireless devices, across physical and virtual network infrastructure, and throughout all tiers of the application environment. You’ll get real-time details on bandwidth usage so you can see exactly how resources are being used and where more capacity is required. And you’ll use baseline key metrics of performance to get fast insight into normal and anomalous network traffic patterns.

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Benefits of Dynatrace network performance solution

With Dynatrace Data Center RUM performance testing tools, you can:

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