Network performance monitoring

The success of your business is dependent on the quality of your network. That means network performance monitoring must be a high priority for your IT organization. Network performance monitoring provides continuous feedback about the health of your network, enabling you to resolve issues, prevent downtime, and sure that everyone who depends on your network can access the resources they need at any time, day or night.

Dynatrace provides one of the industry’s most powerful application-aware network performance monitoring solutions. Dynatrace Data Center RUM lets your Application Support and IT Operations teams proactively identify and resolve problems across the network, web, middleware, and database tiers – before they begin to affect network performance, application performance, or the end-user experience.

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Network performance monitoring

Dynatrace delivers superior network performance monitoring capabilities.

Dynatrace is one of the leading providers of application performance management technology. Our comprehensive solutions include performance testing tools to monitor and improve application performance, user experience management tools that deliver real user experience insight, and lifecycle performance management tools that help to build faster, more responsive applications.

In Dynatrace Data Center RUM, we offer the only network performance monitoring solution that delivers critical insight into application and network layers for the industry’s most extensive set of enterprise environments. Our customers rely on our network performance monitoring solutions to help deliver optimal performance for their SAP environment, Citrix-hosted applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, and many additional environments.

Our network performance monitoring solution passively collects network traffic, enabling auto-discovery for all applications, clients and servers on the network, and performs analysis on transactions, application usage, and the end-user experience.

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Quickly gain insight into how users, applications and services use network links and tunnels.

A comprehensive suite of network performance monitoring solutions.

The Dynatrace Data Center RUM network performance monitoring solution from Dynatrace enable you to:

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