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Numerous solutions are available in the application performance management (APM) market. Most perform monitoring of individual components and do not provide comprehensive coverage across the whole the delivery chain nor can they consolidate collected data from all components in the delivery chain into a unified view. As an example, consider an APM solution that provides NGINX Web server and Java application monitoring but does not provide network or SQL server monitoring thus leaving big gaps in the delivery chain. You can solve this lack of visibility and fill in all the gaps through the entire delivery chain by using Dynatrace.

Dynatrace is a leader in the APM market and offers comprehensive solutions for end-to-end performance monitoring and management including network performance tools. Dynatrace’s application-aware network performance management solutions provide visibility into user experience and performance across the entire enterprise application delivery chain while concurrently monitoring network performance.

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Dynatrace network performance management enables fast fault domain isolation

Network performance impacts application performance directly, and consequently it impacts user experience also. Application performance monitoring without factoring network performance metrics into consideration does not a full picture. As such, fault domain isolation is problematic. Network performance management solutions complete the picture by enabling you to monitor and analyze network performance.

Dynatrace’s APM application solutions enable converged application performance management and network performance management. They allow you to combine and correlate application-specific metrics and network-level metrics to provide real-time insight into end-user experience and end-to-end visibility in the entire application delivery chain. With the combined and correlated metrics from application and network performance management, you can easily perform fast fault domain isolation and targeted troubleshooting to reduce MTTR and improve end-user experience.

Increase your applications’ performance with Dynatrace network performance management

The primary goal of using Dynatrace performance management solutions is to increase application performance and thereby enhance user experience. Software performance metrics obtained from the application and infrastructure tiers by Dynatrace help you to achieve that goal. Network performance is often overlooked by many APM vendors in the market, but Dynatrace integrates network performance management with application and infrastructure monitoring to provide 100% visibility into performance metrics that impact end-user experience.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring of live applications, Dynatrace offers cloud-based load testing tools for Web applications. During load testing, you can use Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace Data Center RUM to obtain performance metrics from the application and infrastructure tiers, respectively. For example, you can use Dynatrace Application Monitoring to cover PHP performance and Dynatrace Data Center RUM to conduct MySQL performance monitoring. As load is applied to your applications, you can view collected metrics on visual dashboards to find any performance hotspots along the delivery chain.

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