Monitoring network traffic

Monitoring network traffic is an essential part of keeping your network healthy. With so much riding on the performance of your network – from sales and customer interactions to employee productivity and organizational communications – monitoring network traffic enables you to identify problems, resolve bottlenecks, and overcome performance limitations, ideally before users are impacted.

But without the right tools for monitoring network traffic, your IT team can easily get bogged down, sifting through log files and manually correlating volumes of data to find and fix issues. That’s why so many leading enterprises around the world turn to Dynatrace for network traffic monitoring solutions that enable them to proactively spot problems and resolve them quickly.

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Monitoring network traffic

Dynatrace solutions for monitoring network traffic

Dynatrace is the world’s leading provider of application performance management (APM) solutions. Businesses large and small rely on our comprehensive performance management technology to engineer more reliable applications, launch them with confidence, and fix problems proactively to deliver an optimal user experience.

Our solution for monitoring network traffic, Dynatrace Data Center RUM, provides a wealth of network traffic monitoring tools that let you view the health of both enterprise applications and the network from single dashboard. Data Center RUM provides edge-to-app visibility, detail, adaptability and diagnostics that enable you to quickly identify network performance issues and resolve them before users are affected.

By monitoring network traffic with a view of the contribution of network performance to application performance and availability, you can more easily correlate user experience metrics to network performance as well as infrastructure components, apps, transactions, user groups and geographic regions.

Dynatrace Data Center RUM

Monitoring network traffic with state-of-the-art tools

Dynatrace Data Center RUM offers comprehensive tools for monitoring network traffic that enable you to:

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