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Microsoft Azure offers cloud solutions for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, as well as cloud services specifically for mobile, e-commerce, IoT, microservices, business intelligence, big data and other markets. Using Azure services to run critical applications introduces unique performance considerations and challenges. These challenges are met comprehensively using Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring tools that enable seamless cloud application performance monitoring.

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Enable full stack monitoring with Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring tools

Dynatrace provides the most technologically advanced digital performance management and digital transformation solutions in the market. Dynatrace’s unified performance monitoring toolset enables you to monitor complete application stacks, across all tiers—including services in the Azure cloud utilizing Dynatrace’s integrated Azure monitoring tools. Applications using Azure services gain from Dynatrace’s seamless end-to-end monitoring from web-tier to the database, with no gaps or blind spots. Dynatrace supports integrated monitoring of all major programming platforms (such as Java, .NET, PHP, or Node.js) and all major databases.

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Enable integrated monitoring with Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring tools

Dynatrace’s application performance monitoring tools and solutions enable unified monitoring of private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms and applications. Application transactions utilizing Azure Cloud Services are supported by Dynatrace’s integrated Azure monitoring tools. Monitoring applications in cloud or hybrid environments with Dynatrace is as seamless and easy as monitoring on-premise hosts.

Dynatrace Smartscape automatically discovers and maps all application components and services whichever environment they are in. Smartscape, one of the APM industry’s most advanced application dependency mapping tools, provides a live, real-time snapshot of your entire application topology presented in an easy-to-understand infographic. See all your application dependencies inside and outside of Azure in one view. See which environment each host is in at a glance. Smartscape’s dynamic application topology discovery and mapping is especially useful during migration to the cloud allowing you to keep track of your migration progress as your topology changes in real-time.

Across the Azure application lifecycle from development to testing to operations, Dynatrace Azure monitoring tools deliver rich, performance-oriented DevOps metrics that help your DevOps teams release better software faster. Once applications are in production, Dynatrace’s artificial intelligence algorithms detect performance anomalies and automatically determine the root cause.

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Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring is easy to set up and use

Dynatrace’s Azure cloud monitoring is easy to set up with zero configuration required. You can deploy new Linux and Windows virtual machines in your Azure environment at any time, and Dynatrace automatically detects them. Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring tools intelligently and adaptively detect any infrastructure changes. You never need to make any configuration changes for Azure endpoint monitoring using Dynatrace.

As an all-purpose cloud monitoring solution, Dynatrace is just as capable at monitoring Amazon and other cloud providers as it does with Azure, freeing you to use multiple providers or switch from one provider to another without disrupting your Dynatrace-powered IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS monitoring program.

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