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Applications that are deployed in the Azure cloud, fully or partially, present challenges to traditional performance monitoring tools. These tools are often incapable of traversing the complex application topologies that are inherent in Azure cloud deployments. Consequently, for Azure endpoint monitoring, advanced cloud-compatible application monitoring tools are needed.

Dynatrace, the leader in performance-focused digital transformation solutions, offers innovative cloud monitoring tools for applications running in Azure, AWS, Oracle Cloud, and other major cloud services. Using Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring tools you can easily capture, with minimal setup, the performance of the Azure endpoints associated with each virtual machine within your Azure application topology.

Azure service interdependencies

Capture end-to-end performance with Dynatrace Azure endpoint monitoring

Many multi-tier applications today leverage one or more services from the cloud. This means that application transactions span across multiple distributed tiers including cloud tiers. Dynatrace is designed and built to monitor the performance of such distributed applications. Its cloud application performance monitoring capabilities are powered by artificial intelligence to automate end-to-end monitoring across all tiers and supporting services. This allows you to detect and resolve performance issues proactively and promptly, before they impact your users.

Dynatrace’s Azure cloud application monitoring tools offer comprehensive features for Azure cloud service monitoring. For applications that leverage Azure cloud services and virtual machines, Dynatrace Azure endpoint monitoring captures the performance of each endpoint automatically. No special or custom configuration is required to enable Dynatrace to be compatible with each unique endpoint.

Smartscape shows deployment status

Automatically map Azure application topology with Dynatrace Azure endpoint monitoring

By using Dynatrace, you can begin monitoring your application dependencies in Azure very quickly. Out-of-the-box, Dynatrace is ready for Azure endpoint monitoring with minimal setup and zero manual configuration. Dynatrace Smartscape, one of the most technologically advanced application dependency mapping tools available, automatically detects all application components and dependencies including all Azure endpoints.

Smartscape delivers a real-time snapshot of your entire application topology with Azure endpoints. You can view a map of your entire application in an easy-to-understand infographic that shows all your application dependencies inside and outside of Azure. This map updates in real-time to keep track of the dynamic nature of your Azure environment. No other application mapping tools in the market offer the same ease-of-use, quick setup, intelligent adaptability, and automation as Dynatrace tools.

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Easily find the root cause of performance problems with Dynatrace Azure endpoint monitoring

Dynatrace’s Azure monitoring incorporates innovative artificial intelligence algorithms for root cause analysis. Dynatrace Azure endpoint monitoring continuously traces all transactions conducted through each endpoint. When Dynatrace detects a performance anomaly or regression, it leverages artificial intelligence capabilities to automatically determine the root cause. The Ops team can then share the trace of the problematic transactions and the accompanying root cause analysis with the Dev and Test teams. Developers can move directly to fixing the problem rather than having spend time trying to reproduce it or digging for its cause. Organizations using Dynatrace have found that it reduces their MTTR by as much as 90%.

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