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The .NET platform offers robust and functional frameworks for applications to run in. It is used in many enterprises to execute critical business transactions. To ensure that .NET applications run reliably, .NET profiler tools can be used to monitor their performance. These .NET performance profiler tools enable you to gather and view the performance data of .NET applications as they process business transactions and provide you with insights into performance anomalies.

.NET profiler tools are often available as part of broader application monitoring solutions. The best featured and most comprehensive tools for monitoring and managing application performance are from Dynatrace, the leader in APM solutions. Dynatrace's tools support the gamut of popular application platforms used today including .NET, Java, PHP, and Node.js. Using Dynatrace .NET monitor tools, you can ensure that your .NET applications meet performance SLAs and deliver maximum value.

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Use Dynatrace .NET profiler tools to obtain detailed end-to-end performance metrics

Performance problems in distributed multi-tier applications such as .NET applications are inherently complex to troubleshoot. APM monitoring tools that do not capture performance at the individual component and full end-to-end transaction levels do not provide the necessary information for you to find the root causes of performance problems. Unlike rudimentary .NET profiler tools that provide performance data on individual .NET components only, Dynatrace's tools capture the performance of discrete components as well as entire transactions end-to-end including transactions spanning databases and cloud services. The data captured by Dynatrace enable you to visualize application performance at both high and low levels thereby allowing you to determine the root cause of each performance problem quickly.

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Dynatrace .NET profiler tools provides insights to root causes of performance problems

Dynatrace .NET profiler tools and Dynatrace's patented PurePath Technology® provide you with the capability to drill into method-level and database query performance for each transaction. Execution times for each method and database query are captured by Dynatrace. You can also see context details such as method arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, and log messages. Dynatrace's .NET profiler features also enable you to obtain performance data for .NET threads and .NET heaps as well as for IIS performance. All monitored performance data captured by Dynatrace .NET profiler tools is collated and presented in Dynatrace's dashboard for easy visualization and identification of any performance hotspots and bottlenecks. Additionally, Dynatrace's artificial intelligence provides you with insights into root causes of any performance problems resulting in reduced troubleshooting time and effort. No other .NET performance tools in the market can match the comprehensive and turnkey features that Dynatrace offers.

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