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The .NET framework is a comprehensive software framework for developing and running applications. It enables applications written in different languages to be portable by running them in a virtual machine called a Common Language Runtime (CLR). The .NET performance is dependent on major components of the framework including the CLR and can be complex to manage. Monitoring the performance of an application running in the .NET framework requires coverage of many components. In addition to PHP monitoring and Java monitoring tools for monitoring the performance of PHP and Java applications, Dynatrace offers performance monitoring tools for .NET applications.

Performance engineering

Dynatrace optimizes .NET performance

Dynatrace application monitoring software provides comprehensive monitoring of .NET performance. Dynatrace delivers the following advantages over other application monitoring tools on the market:

  • End-to-end continuous monitoring. Other performance monitoring solutions sample performance metrics at intervals. Dynatrace's PurePath Technology® continuously monitors business transactions end-to-end, from user interaction to application execution, to database processing. It correlates .NET performance metrics for all transactions whether they commit or fail, and can replay all transaction activity before and after problems occur. Dynatrace has the capability to drill-down to the method level to capture execution and response times of methods, SQL queries, and CLRs and their dependencies.
  • Snapshots of memory usage and consumption. Dynatrace takes ongoing snapshots of memory usage as a transaction executes and shows memory hotspots where abnormal behavior occurs allowing you to isolate memory problems and view memory status throughout the transaction. Dynatrace captures thread dumps so that memory deadlocks, memory leaks, and idle thread pools can be found. Additionally, it shows which objects are not garbage collected.
  • Enhance DevOps teamwork. Dynatrace works with Visual Studio to share .NET performance data across development, test, and operations teams enhancing collaboration between these teams. It also integrates with Team Foundation Server to provide automatic performance analysis throughout the application delivery pipeline.
.NET monitoring metrics at a glance.

Dynatrace products for .NET performance

Application management software and performance testing tools from Dynatrace help you drive peak performance and greater ROI from your .NET applications:

  • Dynatrace application monitoring is a .NET performance tool for capturing .NET performance during end-to-end execution of web or mobile applications. Tracing for each transaction starts from user click through method invocation to SQL statement execution in the database. System health metrics are also captured with each transaction enabling root-cause analysis to expedite the discovery of memory leaks, poorly executed code, or redundant database queries.
  • Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring enables you to proactively test .NET applications to ensure that they're ready for launch or for event-driven traffic spikes.
The customizable dashboard of Dynatrace's .NET performance tools shows all important facts of your application in one spot

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