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.NET applications run many business critical transactions today. Because of the distributed nature of .NET architectures, each .NET application typically spans multiple tiers, components, and services. To ensure that your .NET applications meet your performance criteria, you can use .NET monitoring tools to capture performance metrics.

.NET performance tools for monitoring can consist of various types. One such type is the .NET profiler. This tool allows you to instrument the performance of your .NET applications so that you can gather real-time data like execution time of a block or line of code and number of .NET threads used. Other .NET monitoring tools include memory leak detection tools which you can use to isolate code or configuration issues. The most comprehensive .NET performance monitoring solution in the market is Dynatrace APM.

.NET application monitoring

Use Dynatrace .NET monitoring tools to detect .NET performance hotspots

Dynatrace is the market leader in APM technologies and offers the industry’s only unified end-to-end digital performance management solution. Dynatrace APM monitoring tools incorporate patented PurePath Technology® that allows you to capture the performance metrics of transactions across every tier, component, and service. Performance data beginning from each user interaction to application execution to infrastructure processing is captured, correlated, and presented in Dynatrace’s dashboards enabling you to easily visualize any performance trend, bottleneck, or hotspot. With Dynatrace’s .NET monitoring tools, you can detect .NET application performance problems quickly, easily, and with precision.

.NET monitoring tools for performance engineering

Dynatrace’s .NET monitoring tools to find root causes of .NET performance problems

Using Dynatrace, you can drill down to the root cause of any performance issue rapidly. Dynatrace’s .NET performance profiler capabilities and PurePath Technology give you a real-time view of your .NET applications’ execution down to the code level. Dynatrace enables you to replay each transaction visually and pinpoint problem components in your application stack. This replay allows you to see the evolution of each problem so that you can understand how the problem developed and trace it back to its root cause. No other .NET monitoring tools in the market can match Dynatrace’s capabilities for rapid root cause analysis.

.NET monitoring tools using PurePath

Dynatrace’s .NET monitoring tools auto-discover and map application topology

When you deploy Dynatrace to monitor your .NET application, it automatically discovers and maps your application and the infrastructure it uses. Dynatrace’s .NET monitoring tools automatically detect your application and its dependencies including databases and cloud services. You can then obtain an interactive map of your application and all its dependencies across all layers using Dynatrace Smartscape. Unique among application monitoring solutions in the market, Smartscape is designed for cloud environments where microservices are rapidly created and deployed. This makes Smartscape the ideal solution for monitoring and analyzing your .NET applications that use microservices in the cloud.

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