GraalVM monitoring

Be prepared for GraalVM monitoring and optimization

What is GraalVM?

GraalVM by Oracle is a Java dynamic compiler and interpreter. It is built as an ecosystem that is used to compile and run apps that are written in a wide variety of programming languages. That includes important languages like Groovy, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, R, Python, and Scala. Further, LLVM-based languages are included as well. The most relevant examples are C, C++, Fortran, and Rust. The Java VM gives the opportunity to run GraalVM languages. So GraalVM is basically a high-performance and mighty JIT compiler for the Java HotSpot VM. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you can compile the code you want, the way you actually want. Therefore improving the performance of Java virtual machine-based languages to reach the level of performance of native languages is one of the highest prioritized targets of this technology. Dynatrace has worked on the monitoring capabilities of Graal for a long time to optimize the monitoring capabilities of Oracle GraalVM.

One VM, one agent, lots of technologies

  • As the main APM vendor partnering with the Oracle team developing Graal, we're refining the monitoring capabilities for GraalVM steadily.
  • Dynatrace helps you to control your GraalVM services by providing system data like CPU, responsiveness, memory or worker processes.
  • Dynatrace will be capable of troubleshooting anomalies and discovering upcoming problems before they affect your customers in the future.
  • With Dynatrace all relevant information can be found in clear, customizable dashboards.
  • Besides GraalVM you can use Dynatrace to monitor all other components of your environment as well.

GraalVM monitoring by Dynatrace gives insights in:

  • stacktrace metrics
  • language information in stack traces
  • seamless changes of coding languages
  • hot sensor placement on runtime
  • response times
  • needed memory
  • user experience details
  • network analytics
  • log monitoring

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Dynatrace in close cooperation with Oracle

  • Everything can be implemented in Java. It doesn't matter which coding language is monitored inside
  • The close cooperation with the Oracle team developing Graal ensures fast progress for further functionality within Dynatrace
  • Game-changer: bundle lots of technologies in just one VM and one agent

Why use GraalVM?

Oracle GraalVM has been designed for speculative optimizations on the one hand and also deoptimization on the other hand. Further it comes with the Graal Polyglot SDK that features a rich set of language-agnostic instrumentation capabilities. This allows building a diverse set of tools. Examples for these tools are profilers, debuggers or performance monitoring software that work for all languages out-of-the-box. The same goes for Dynatrace that also works out-of-the-box when installing it in your environment to optimize your experience with GraalVM.

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