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Analyze performance of Azure cloud services

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Full-stack web application monitoring for your public and hybrid cloud

Monitor infrastructure, platform, and services

Monitor infrastructure, platform, and services

Dynatrace matches Azure’s versatility when it comes to IaaS, PaaS, and services monitoring. We monitor Azure platforms all the way from the web-tier to the database. This makes it the only tool you need to monitor Azure.

application delivery

Just migrating or permanently hybrid?

Smartscape view provides a live snapshot of your entire environment topology. This makes it the perfect tool for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Plus, it’s great for keeping you up-to-date during migration to and from the cloud.

powering microservices

Powering microservices

Azure’s offerings allow you to choose a package based on your needs. This isn’t only great for budgeting; it’s really awesome for engineering and operations. The more sophisticated your environment is, the more you’ll benefit from Dynatrace.

Always be connected to your cloud environment

Your virtual hosts running in public clouds might make you feel disconnected. You need to have permanent insight into your environment to feel comfortable about it. Dynatrace’s Smartscape allows you to always view your environment, Dynatrace’s AI-based reasoning still makes you comfortable if you don’t.

Smartscape shows service interdependencies

Seamlessly monitor the full-stack

The Azure offerings Web Apps, Cloud Services, and Virtual Machines aim to meet all your cloud computing needs. In combination with Dynatrace real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, server monitoring and app performance monitoring, your platform will be ready for web-scale performance. Harness the power of a potent Cloud provider and seamless Dynatrace monitoring integration to gain an edge over your competitors.

Smartscape shows deployment status

Be Azure cloud native

Save time and money with the seamless Dynatrace approach to Cloud monitoring. Dynatrace easily detects deployments to the Azure cloud, allowing you to see which environment each host belongs to at a glance. Monitoring Azure Cloud Services and Azure Virtual Machines is now as seamless as monitoring your in-house or AWS hosts.

Host screen shows process connections

Zero-admin monitoring integration

Deploy new Windows or Linux virtual machines anytime you want. Dynatrace is intelligent enough to detect infrastructure changes automatically. You’ll never have to worry about adjusting your dashboards or monitoring configurations again—Dynatrace handles it all for you.

Host detail screen shows uptime

Select the services that suit you

In addition to running applications on Azure, Microsoft offers database services, Big Data storage, and much more. Take full advantage of Azure’s performance and availability. The tight Dynatrace integration with ADO.NET, JDBC, PDO, and many other libraries provides all the insights you need. Know your cloud services as well as if they were running in-house.

Service screen shows connections

Networking insights

There are certain things you need to know about your hardware, no matter whether it’s virtual or physical. APM tools are made to provide you with this information. Integrated monitoring of virtual, physical, and hybrid environments with Dynatrace prepares you for mastery of your ever-changing environment.

Networking metrics show traffic

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