DSL Reference for the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin



This is the DSL reference for the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin. With this plugin you can auto-instrument Android apps and monitor it with Dynatrace OneAgent for Android.

Extension types

Listed below are the Gradle extension types used by respective plugins:


The dynatrace extension for specifying the auto-instrumentor configuration.

Configuration blocks

Listed below are the configuration blocks available within dynatrace

configurations { }

Specifies multiple variant-specific configurations, where each variant-specific configuration can be applied to multiple Android build variants.

Variant-specific configuration blocks

Listed below are the configuration blocks available within a variant-specific configuration ( configurations)

autoStart { }

Specifies options for the auto start injection feature.

debug { }

Specifies additional configuration properties that should only be used in special cases like troubleshooting.

exclude { }

Specifies options for excluding classes and methods from instrumentation.

hybridWebView { }

Specifies options for hybrid web view apps.

lifecycle { }

Specifies options for the lifecycle monitoring feature.

userActions { }

Specifies options for the user action monitoring feature.

webRequests { }

Specifies options for the web request monitoring feature.

agentBehavior { }

Specifies options that fine-tune the agent behavior.

behavioralEvents { }

Specifies options for configuring behavioral events.

sessionReplay { }

Specifies options for using session replay.