Launch Readiness

Absolutely, positively launch on time - every time.

Launch readiness

Will it all come together in time?

It’s your worst nightmare. You’ve spent millions for a cool TV ad and stocking up for a holiday sales promotion. You’ve worked for months getting your site ready—building and testing code, adding capacity, lining up 3rd party components…now it’s go time. Traffic begins to hit the site and…in minutes it slows to a crawl and then goes up in flames completely. Users are leaving in droves and your company is taking a beating all over social media.

So much for holiday cheer.

Launch Readiness

You’ve done your homework, addressed all contingencies, you’re ready…right? You CAN take the uncertainty (and the nightmares) out of major launches and events. We give you a 360° view of your web and mobile delivery chain so you can identify problems in the making. More importantly, we benchmark, test, monitor and tune it from end to end—before the first user clicks.

You ARE ready. So relax and get a good night’s sleep. You’ve earned it.

Launch Readiness