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Visualize DevOps pipeline health

In a continuous delivery use-case, one layer of the UFO can visualize the trunk pipeline while the other shows the sprint pipeline state. You decide whether you want to assign build, CI, test, staging, production or any other stage to each of the two rings.

About the product

  • ESP32 dual-core low energy microcontroller (Arduino compatible)
  • REST API to control 34 RGB LEDs in two rings – use preconfigured patterns or create custom ones
  • Integrations with CI/CD/Monitoring (e.g. Jenkins, Nagios, Amazon CloudWatch, Dynatrace, ...)
  • Open source firmware, OTA and USB updates
  • USB powered (5V 2A adapter not included)

Learn more: DevOps pipeline health visualisation with the Dynatrace UFO.

How do I use and configure the UFO?

Learn more on GitHub.

The Dynatrace UFO delivers the state for two separate stages through its 34 RGB LEDs in two LED rings.
Use the REST API to control the LEDs to e.g. show the severity or impact by more or fewer red LEDs.
Bottom line, all lights should be green.

The Dynatrace UFO* is a highly visible IoT gadget for companies with distributed teams to share the status of a project. It is directly fed via a simple REST interface. The two LED rings can be used to visualize any kind of information.

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You will receive an email confirmation shortly and an order confirmation with shipping cost info within the next two business days. Please note that you will need a standard 5V USB 2000mA power adapter to operate the Dynatrace UFO.

Or 3D print your own UFO

In the spirit of DevOps and collaboration, Dynatrace has designed an open-source hardware version of the UFO which can be printed on a 3D printer. It’s available at

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