Visualize DevOps pipeline health
with a Dynatrace UFO

Our UFO delivers the state for two separate stages through two LED rings. Severity or impact is visualized by more or less red LEDs.

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See the status of your CI and DevOps process in real-time

For companies that face the challenges of a distributed team, the Dynatrace DevOps UFO is a highly visible IoT gadget to share the status of a project. Using our UFOs, a quick stroll through the office, or a glance to the other side of the room, can alert you to problems.

Improve quality and protect digital performance

The UFO monitors progress at every stage of the continuous delivery process, with a separate device for each team or feature. If there are issues that impact getting a build completed, such as code that doesn’t compile, the LEDs turn red.

How the UFO changed team behavior at Dynatrace

Helmut Spiegl, Chief Software Architect at Dynatrace: "The team has become more sensitive to checking the UFO before going home. You don’t want to be the one who floods the cafeteria with red light. When the UFO goes red, devs now double-check the build results and their inbox."

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Collaborating is the DevOps way

"The whole ethos of DevOps is based on collaborating and sharing, so we wanted to find a way of fostering this spirit," explained Andreas Grabner, Technology Strategist at Dynatrace. The UFO is giving visual status updates on the quality of code both in development and in production.

Integrate the UFO seamlessly

The Dynatrace UFO is an IoT device that connects via Wifi to your environment. It integrates with CI/CD and monitoring solutions like Dynatrace, Jenkins, Nagios and many more. The UFO is directly fed with the pipeline state via a simple REST interface.

Get your own Dynatrace UFO

Dynatrace DevOps UFO