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Knowledge is the difference

Dynatrace was the first to recognize the shift in the market from application performance management to digital performance management.

At Dynatrace, we understand digital business and our experience with the world’s top companies brings you a competitive advantage. From our online community to eLearning resources and on-site Master Performance Architects, we have the leadership your organization needs to succeed.

Customer Experience

Dynatrace technology and expertise provide you with the best customer experience, accelerated innovation and modern operations. We make sure business, operations and development speak a common language for better business results.

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See how VW ramped up their full-featured new website in record time with the help of a Dynatrace Managed Services Guardian.

Expert services - Managed services

Managed: Dedicated to your success

With Dynatrace Managed Services, you get expert leadership from a dedicated team member for digital performance.

Expert services - on demand

On-demand: Extraordinary customer service

Dynatrace On-demand Services gives you expert resources at your fingertips. From product enablement to use-case best practices, we engage with your team however, wherever and whenever you need us.

Expert services - self-services

Self-service: Build in-house expertise on your time

As the market evolves, so does the need to learn. Dynatrace Self service provides fast, flexible, self-guided eLearning and certification programs to educate you to push the boundaries of digital performance.

Regions Bank

“Dynatrace's expert leadership is off the charts. They've met our expectations and delivered great value to my organization. They've always gone above and beyond what was ask of them and more.”

ULTA Beauty

“Our Guardian implemented a robust and intricate dashboard so we could see everything happening at any level in the system.”

Easy access to global experts: Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

Meet the Dynatrace experts that work for your specific goals to turbocharge you ahead of the competition. Dynatrace offers the experience and innovation that can only be brought by the leader in digital performance management.

Guardians: A member of your digital performance team

Guardians are highly trained operational and administrative experts with broad knowledge across the entire Dynatrace product suite for rapid adoption and success.

Guardians work on-site or remotely with your organization in a long-term engagement. Supported by the entire team at Dynatrace, your Guardian will focus specifically on your business and IT needs.


Consultants: Expert delivery of core capabilities

Dynatrace consultants are the backbone of our expert services. They are amongst the most knowledgeable digital performance management engineers in the world.

Our consultants are experienced in product installation, configuration and training with additional knowledge of data analysis, account management and use case best practices. Dynatrace consultants have worked with hundreds of customers, many of which are industry leaders. This experience brings leadership and direction to your team. Let our consultants eliminate issues in a matter of minutes what otherwise may have taken weeks or months to solve without them.


Architects: Masters of digital performance management

Dynatrace architects are the senior digital performance strategists with deep technology expertise complemented by broad and significant hands-on industry experience.

Our architects specialize in best practices for operations, DevOps, e-commerce and customer engagement as well as digital performance overall.


Designed for results

Dynatrace expert services (DXS) are your fast track to return on digital investment. We empower your teams to manage their activities based on business impact. We eliminate siloed projects and get everyone working on the same team, speaking the same language and working towards common goals for the entire organization.

Expert services - designed for results

Agile adaptation

Technology is always on the move. Plan the services you need and keep the agility to adapt quickly with Dynatrace FleXpoints.

Prepaid FleXpoints enable flexible consumption of all that Dynatrace Expert Services have to offer. Use them for whatever services you need, whenever you need them.

Expert services - agile

[Multi-channel retail domination: Walgreens

Dynatrace provides Walgreens with a Performance Management strategy across all their channels

Learn how Walgreens uses Dynatrace to monitor digital responsiveness, reliability and user behavior and how this insight unifies technical and business strategy around user experience.

Dynatrace Health Check Services

Discover how Dynatrace Health Checks support your business goals

View this fact sheet for more information on how Dynatrace expert services (DXS) work with your team to optimize the environment, improve customer experiences, and engineer configurations for best results - for now and into the future.

Master Performance Architecture Services

Dynatrace ensures your environment is tuned to address your needs

Dynatrace Master Performance Architect services give you proactive, consistent and dedicated leadership to drive strategic digital performance initiatives. Download this fact sheet for more details.

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