Dynatrace ONE Premium

Accelerate adoption & engagement

"The fast response and quick handling has been a great experience! In our weekly coaching sessions we’ve been introduced to Best Practices that we didn’t even realize we needed to know.”

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Dynatrace One


Always on Live Chat

In-product. Always on. There when you need it. Instant access to Dynatrace Product Specialists.


Dedicated expertise

A designated Product Specialist and Customer Success Manager help you drive value from Dynatrace.


24/7 Premium support

Unparalleled response times and daily updates for Sev1 tickets. Giving you help and guidance when you need it.


Plan for success

Establish a blueprint for growth and track progress toward your goals with customized success plans.

Dynatrace ONE Premium explained in 2 minutes

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Dynatrace ONE vs. Dynatrace ONE Premium

Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE
Onboarding & continued enablement
Dynatrace community & documentation
Digital onboarding & enablement
Dynatrace University education access
Dynatrace University teams
Architectural planning & deployment checklist
Health & progress visibility
Service Quality & Availability reports
Deployment & Product Adoption report, User Adoption report
Expert review of Service Quality Report and Availability Report
Customer product support
Dynatrace Mission Control 24/7 24/7
Customer Support Center access
Customer Support hours of operation 8/5 x business days 24/7 x 365
Support ticket response time
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Critical: 4 business hours
High: next business day
Medium: 2 business days
Low: 4 business days
Critical: 2 hours
High: 4 hours
Medium: next business day
Low: 2 business days
Priority ticket handling
Sev1 guaranteed update frequency Daily
Communication methods Web, chat Web, chat, phone
Proactive engagement & analysis
Live chat
Prioritized chat availability 24/5
Customer success plan Self-guided
Quarterly business reviews
Weekly on-boarding or coaching sessions
Designated Customer Success Manager
Designated Product Specialists

Response times

Initial contact SLA

Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE Premium
1: Critical 4 business hours 2 hours
2: High Next business day 4 hours
3: Medium 2 business days Next business day
4: Low 4 business days 2 business days

Severity classifications

Severity Description
1: Critical Dynatrace product or mentioned application unavailable. No workaround available.
2: High Partial product downtime, code functionality not available, or significantly degraded monitored application performance. No workaround available.
3: Medium Non-critical loss or impact to the Dynatrace product or monitored application. Workaround available.
4: Low Other Dynatrace product defects, documentation errors, or other low-priority issue.

Version Support

Product & Component Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE Premium
Dynatrace SaaS
Agents 9 months 12 months
Security Gateways 9 months 12 months
Dynatrace Managed
Agents 9 months 12 months
Security Gateways 9 months 12 months
Cluster 3 months1 4 months1

1 Cluster updates are fully automated. Customers may delay updates but cannot skip them.

Dynatrace support policy for Application Monitoring, Data Center RUM and Classic Synthetic